WBA v Arsenal (Carabao Cup)

West Bromwich Albion - Arsenal

Wed Aug 25 - 20:00
The Hawthorns
Carabao Cup

Live on Sky Sports


  • WBA win
  • Arsenal win
  • WBA win after pens
  • Arsenal win after pens

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I will not be watching this


Sorry @Bl1nk just can’t see this shower getting anything :weary:

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I think we’ll win this one, it won’t be pretty but we’ll get it done.

Hope so i’ll be watching and hoping for sure but Arteta has nearly broken me !?

Pretty sure there is no extra time until later rounds. Staight to penalties if it’s a draw.


Feels weird entering this at round two, guess we better get used to it

WBA seem to have started the season well so I really wouldn’t be surprised if we lose this one. Arteta has no excuse to not play a reasonably string squad mind, we could do with the confidence

Ah cheers

Poll recreated

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Johnstone vs Ramsdale in the definitive battle to prove who is less worse than Pickford and England’s real number three.

I’ll be watching this for sure.


I’d say it’s more a battle for England’s real number four.

Pickford, Pope, Henderson… then these scrubs :sweat_smile:

West Brom on pens.

No europe so LC worth a good go this season…

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Been offered tickets for this for 18 quid each. Hard to make it in time after work.

Don’t bother mate. Victory is hollow and a defeat going to compound your misery.


We’ll beat a second string West Brom team, then Arteta will say we’re on the right track.

If losing means Arteta is nearer the sack then, come on you Baggies. :grinning:

I’ll watch the highlights… Maybe.

Carabao Cup. Yawn

I read that as west brom on penis

Well, that was a Freudian cock. I mean, Freudian slip.

Probably should take this seriously as our league campaign is on the cusp of being dead.