Watford vs Arsenal (Premier League)

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  • Arsenal win

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Saturday 27th August 2016
Vicarage Road
KO 15:00

Blimey lads, only one day and a bit until we play Watford and no one’s made a thread for the game :santi:

Anywho, our last game before the international break, already :xhaka: Bit a ropey first two matches. We desperately need three points here. Last season saw one of our strongest away performances all season, winning 3-0;

We should see Ozil and Giroud starting for the first time this season, which will be hugely important in our hope for a result,

Watford are also on one point, were a little unlucky not to earn at least a point in their match against Chelsea. So like us, will be keen to bag important points.

I think we’ll sneak this one, 2-1 win to Arsenal.

1-0 Koscielny

2-0 O.G. and Alexis.


Mustafi and Perez hatricks


5-0 Griezemann with the full hand for The Arsenal.

Need a win. I don’t care if we play shit. Just do it.

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Just put a tenner on it.

Has go to be a win surely. Big boys back and fit. No excuses, let’s do this!

4-1 a brace for Walcott n Giroud ! Romping it home !

We played 2 very good performances last season v them with Walcott and Welbeck up front, much easier for our midfield to play with them and score goals than a lamppost. Hope for a similar performance again, 2-0

I think we will edge this one 2-1…

Well after the really poor start to the season we desperately need a win tomorrow, no excuses. I reckon it will be 2-1 to us

In a nutshell. It is imperative that Arsenal win tomorrow going into the break.

Don’t care if it’s a dodgy 1-0 deflected goal. Just get 3 points, the new signings in, fresh outlook, and start the season.

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0-3, hattrick by The Madness.

Away fans will be happy that deals are done, will transfer to players (who are probably happy too that we’re actually signing people this year), this will be the one to kick off our season, 1-3 or something.

Has to be a win. Anything less than 3 points isn’t good enough in this game.


Fully expect a 2-0 or 3-0 win for us, need to win this badly if not the spirit will go down again. Expect Watford to cause us problems until we tire them out. Have Ozil and Giroud come in, drop Walcott to the bench. Give Ox a shot. Aside from that the team should be the same. I be shocked if Watford beat us.

Lets see if the banners still come out. If they really truly want Wenger gone, then a couple of signings shouldn’t really change their mind (unless the players were genuinely W.Class).

There will definitely be a couple Morris’s and Aussiegooner’s there, got to be.

I definitely hate that facet of the fandom. Because for me this changes nothing, it was never really about the signings, it’s about the process of the signings, and the tactics, and the subs, and the fitness, and the total lack of balls at every hint of adversity, and the hands in the head when we need some leadership, and the out of touch with reality comments to the fans/media…and just everything. I’d fly that fucking banner as long as he’s the manager he’s beyond redemption.