Watford Vs Arsenal (PL)


He is crook, tbh. He should just shut the fuck up.


@Calum enjoying our fall :xhaka: :hipster:


Where are you getting this from?

Can you not laugh at your own team? Get a grip Luca lol


It’s not just Man City, it’s Man U, Chelsea, spurs and Liverpool that are better or as good as us.
When you say, “the league is done ,” when was it ever not done?
Did you seriously think we had a chance of winning it?


I kinda wish we were owned by Troy Deeney, cunt seems to know more about what is wrong with our club than those who are actually responsible for our progression.

Not to mention he’s got r/gunners collective panties all in a bunch.



the hunger index i reckon has been badly misread.


Don’t worry - it is just that pesky handbrake problem… our mechanic Wenger is sure to rectify pronto!

Don Quixote Wenger rides again!


yup they will bounce back the very next game for 1 game and we will be told ‘they have the mental strength and desire to do well’ then the next game they will fuck up ‘well we played with a bit of the handbrake they were a bit jaded’ Same BS soundbites sick of the wrinkly old fool now just want him to leave.


yeah where fucking anorexic.


or drastically bloated with overeating…fucking have no hunger in them whatsoever if anything i think they have overeaten drowsy lazy slumbering dickheads and i wish wenger would stop coming out with such shit it makes the club look pathetic.


The hunger index is real. We’ve seen it time and time again. In the year before you want to leave you play brilliantly and try and get noticed by better teams and force an exit.

The issue is for Alexis that was last year. He thought he was playing his way out of here and he came very close to getting his move to City and it was taken away at the last minute and you could argue it was taken away because of Arsenal’s fuck up and it turns out he was unlucky enough to be the first one that we didn’t definitely sell.

So I really wouldn’t expect him or anyone in his situation to be giving as much of a fuck about Arsenal this season. He knows he’s out of here, he knows he’ll get a decent offer from a better team or at least the chance for a change. Last year he had to perform to catch City’s eye, this year he can be mediocre and they’ll probably take him on a free either way.

So yeah, Wenger / Arsenal really misread the situation. What’s sad is I think it may have been some kind of move to try and show some strength / ambition / cojones but we still look weak either way so they might as well have just gone.


Arsenal are the only club that will consistently look like spineless incompetents regardless of what we do.

Sell Sanchez and we look weak for giving into player power, keep him and let him walk on a free to a rival even though we’re desperate for the money.

God we’re a shambles.


Yeah it becomes difficult to defend when it is an accumulation of various things for a few years… bottom line is that we don’t seem to really have a killer instinct at any level within the club and it shows. In isolation any of these events are insignificant, but the evidence piles up eventually… AW really has zero credibility any more, which is incredibly, incredibly sad… I can see this season devolving badly and I am already feeling my emotions go from rage and annoyance to just sadness.


We lost against Watford for the same reasons who caused the defeat at Stoke: lack of mental strengths and the Refs.


We need a Joey Barton-esque player. No matter how bad he his, what a cunt he is, just some fucker who cares!


What we need is a change in management.


A few seasons back, this kind of result would have wound me right up and ruined my weekend. However, I now appear to have built up quite a tolerance to the point of not really giving a shit. At least not a whole one. It seems that Arsenal are surreptitiously providing us with Exposure Therapy…

“… a technique in behavior therapy is thought to help treat anxiety disorders. Exposure therapy involves exposing the target patient to the anxiety source or its context without the intention to cause any danger. Doing so is thought to help them overcome their anxiety or distress.”

What a club.


What a shambles, again!

No passion, no fight and no hope

Xhaka and Elneny as a pairing are just awful. Asking Xhaka to be a defensive midfield player is just bonkers, but stubborn Arsene knows best of course. Xhaka when Cleverley scored their winner was just a fucking joke. Standing at the edge of the box just watching Cleverley all on his own! You dont have to be a defensive midfield player to surely recognise that an opposition player in your own box needs to be fucking marked?

The penalty was an obvious dive but if we take our chances then we dont need to worry about shit decisions coming back to haunt us!

Ozil and Iwobi both missing excellent chances that we really should be scoring

The whole second half we invited pressure on us and yet again the opposition wanted it more than us. Thats just unacceptable. I can accept that we are gonna lose games but to lose a game by not wanting it more than the opposition is just not right!

The whole club is a shambles and nothing will change whilst we have Wenger and Kroenke ruining the club


Not even mad. In fact stuck a fiver on Watford on the 85th minute and got some compensation lol.

These results will continue till there’s a change in management.