Watford Vs Arsenal (PL)


What a sad cunt.

South americans are really dirty when it comes to football.


We were cheated out lets be honest, especially that bitch Richarlison, but anyway the league is done because Man City exist. Europa League or bust


Yeah, it would have been an useless win so let’s focus on the Europa League.


We were second best for the 5-10 minutes leading up to that penalty until the end of the game. We can cry about decisions but we were shit and we let the momentum go against us. It felt like at 1-1 Watford were the team trying to win and we were the team trying to hold on to a point which is not how it should be.


Are they not able to review these incidents now and ban ppl for diving?


Probably wasn’t a dive though as ever so slight contact was made, not saying it was enough for a penalty but it wasn’t as if there was absolutely no contact.


The most shocking decision Wenger made today was to take off Lacazette for Giroud.

Watford were pushing us back and it was obvious to everyone that we would need a second goal and the counter was the best option for that.

At 1-1 we had been poor but had also squandered a few chances (I just knew Ozil would miss) and had been unlucky with their pen which was as soft as youll ever see.

Yet we then went back into a shell and barely pressed at all, let Watford have a ton of possession and hit the long ball to Giroud when we occasionally won it back. It was a pathetic case of tactical ineptitude I’d expect to see from a relegation quality side. Why do we fail to ever press sides who are obviously putting us under immense pressure? I’m just lost on this.

I find it inexplicable that Wenger is still here and we have to suffer this way continually. These results are no longer surprises.


*let’s …and no, even though the ref was a dick, it was all Özil’s fault apparently.


Agree with GWG ^^

Giroud gave us an Oscar-winning performance . . . as a fucking carthorse.

Overall, Watford just wanted it more than us, simple as, and were willing to fucking work for it.


Saying we were cheated out of it is a cop out in my opinion, because the performance was totally poor and at 1-1 its game on and we fell apart.


We deserved to lose that game, end off. We’re a bang average team. Even with our first 11. Lack of leadership and far too many average players is killing us. The sad thing I wasn’t even shocked by this result, I fully expect us to lose to Everton and City coming up, we probably beat Swansea at home and RSB. But November will be like watching a horror film.

Wenger will have his excuse cause of the no peno thing, but we missed a few chances and in the 2nd half we were awful. The season will get worse.


The fact that Deeney came out and said what everyone else in the footballing world knows is a fact, just shows the confidence he has when he faces us.

Martin Keown said that he wished the Arsenal players were watching when Deeney said that they lacked cojones but honestly, I don’t think it that would make one iota of a difference. You could tell them to their face and it wouldn’t matter because the man that should be saying that to them himself lacks cojones. Why would the players put in a fight if the manager doesn’t demand that from them.

It’s all pathetic at this club now. Most of us are used to this by now but we always have that little bit of hope that things might change but every such performance, which is once every few games, reminds us of the rot that we are in as a club. No fight, no ambition, no hope. I think top 4 can be safely ruled out now. We are gradually becoming a mediocre, irrelevant club and I don’t see any alarm bells going off anywhere.


It’s all your fault


Coming to a screen near you soon, exactly this again and again and again.


The fact is that when Giroud is bad he is really bad. He offers us nothing on these days.


Because Özil missed a 1 on 1 which would’ve made it 2-0 and Watford would’ve gave up


And thats why I dont see video evidence being the great leveller others do.


Sorry but I can’t see any contact being made. Clear dive.

Still didn’t cost us the game though. If we had fight or balls we could have easily still won the game with 20 minutes still to play.


Well the tv always find contact and big everything up from there. Its my fear that becomes the criteria fot the video panel. But no its never a penalty.


Absolute scenes. Again we are the laughing stock of the PL :joy: