Watford Vs Arsenal (PL)


Ouch… we didn’t deserve three points and were pretty dire in the 2nd half, but that pen was a joke… probably 1-1 would have been fair. We should have created more and Ozil should have scored.


I said Watford would get something out of this match and thought it would be a draw but I didn’t think we’d lose.


Time to play FIFA. At least Arsenal can win on here :hipster:


It was very exciting to see Jack Wilshere almost come on.


Great. I just want to punch this fucktard in the face, then shit in his mouth and piss in his ears.

Last but not least, farting on his head.

Sorry for the rant, but Wenger is a cancer to our club. Pathetic clueless baguette retarded old clown.



I did my weekly Tesco shop, how’s that for a slice of fried gold?


Why? I do hate Wenger with all my heart.

Worst Arsenal manager ever.


Get your kicks however you want Luca but stop posting your disgusting fantasies on here.



We are the easiest team to win against :joy::joy:


He is still a fat dirty cunt.


Are you surprised?


Garbage cunts


At the moment? Welcome to my last 7 years.


Well , that’s my long weekend ruined .
Thank you Wenger and the players .
A typical gutless , turn up and get a result performance.
This is going to end up our worst season for years and years .
There won’t be a top 4 finish , there won’t even be a top 6 finish. Quite frankly if I was Sanchez I’d be out of the door like a flash . He deserves a club that’s got a winning mentality not a team who looks good on social media.
Sad sad times .


That’s the reason why we should focus on the Europa League.


Considering Wenger has NEVER won a European trophy you are right my friend . It will be our ONLY way back into the Champions League.


Sunderland have @'d us instead of QPR… :joy::joy:

I mean I know we where bad today but instant relegation seems a bit much!