Watford Vs Arsenal (PL)




What a typical Arsenal second half. Not really surprised.

Roll on the Europa League.


Need to watch for him dive more like. Standard cheating diving Brazilian. Cunt


how can anyone be shocked?

Everton, WBA, Crystal Palace last season, just like that

we are shit, be lucky to finish top 6

Laca might as well not have been signed


Ozil can fuck off. We were so much better without him in the team.


This whole season can just fuck off. Fuck off Wenger. Fuck off stalemate tactics. Fuck off 4th place. Fuck off the board and Fuck it all!


Not surprised at all really.

I’ve become so emotionless with the club for the last 2 years or so.


I had a choice beforehand and I made the right one. Not to watch Le Arse.

Sounds like I missed a classic. Game for the ages. :eyes:


Sadly the only thing that will be fucking off out of what you mentioned is 4th place as we will be finishing 6th or 7th.


Totally unsurprised.

Resigning Wenger was a disaster then the choice was to either go all in or rebuild during the summer and he chose neither. Comical mismanagement so of course the results show it.


I’m most annoyed the club is stale with no real direction / plan, that’s what’s annoying me more than a loss to Watford. The bigger picture is what’s really concerning for Arsenal fans at the moment.


This was unsurprising in the least we were slow to every second ball in the second half, slow build up (if any) and very uninspiring in the middle of the park. The last 10min watford played like we are supposed to. Full energy and attacking flow while we just look tired and lackluster


ffs jade


Lol :see_no_evil:


Things that annoyed me about this match:

-Pereira’s shit hair
-Shit refereeing
-Troy fucking Deeney
-Those annoying Champions League adverts popping up every 10 minutes

And on a side note, it’s funny that Wenger is surrounded by “Football Manager” adverts because he could do with playing it!



How many have we lost after the international break? It’s just a curse for us.


Yeah that blue kit is cursed, needs to fuck off


Drowning my sorrows in that Japanese curry rt now :cry: