Watford Vs Arsenal (PL)


I’m happy with that lineup, good bench too!


I expected this line-up. C’mon Arsenal!


Where is Rambo? Did he get injured? Hopefully that means our engines will be on the wings I’d like to see us to be more focused on our width especially against teams that could park the bus pretty early.


so where is sanchez huh, poor little guy cannot play because he missed the world cup…aaaahhhhh diddums to you, you fucking prick. Cunty snake of a man!


No Ramsey worries me


Still no AOL the no vote won…


Al-eggs Iwobi, Danny Welb-egg and Alexandre Lac-omlette, they really were taking this egg shit seriously.


Iwobi has a good opportunity here. And he’s playing with ya boy welbz so his defensive duties should be minimal.


Wow the arrogance. Don’t you know they have beaten us several times in the past couple years, they even ended our long run of FA Cup wins.

I do see us struggling. Not much creativity in that midfield. The Elneny Xhaka thing is like when we wanna park the bus. We will struggle to score goals today and we tend to suck when we’ve got guys traveling back to the club from all over the world only to play a couple days later. Especially when the other side is relatively rested and ready with way less international players. Only big club that didn’t seem to struggle today was CIty.


You definitely didn’t read the rest of the topic lol


MDC bitches!





Joke ting. Who loses a game like that other than us lol. Fucking comical.


That midfield was so bad; throughout the whole game there was no control whatsoever


The pen was an absolute joke; never a pen


Game deserved to be a draw, last 20 mins was disgusting at 1-1, also why do we have 5 defenders and 2 holding mids on the pitch at 1-1 vs Watford in the dying stages ? :rofl:


Sigh. Here we are again. Disappointed but not surprised. :disappointed:


… is not working. This is absolutely obvious by now, we need a new plan. They’re just poor, simple as. Others we’re also poor at times but we barely touched the ball in the last 20 and there wasn’t much play making before that either. We do ok at home and get rekt away over and over, because any team that challenges that midfield get what they want it seems.


So now Watford are the new fucking Swansea, Stoke and west brom. 3 defeats in eight and nobody else was better than Wenger. Fuck off.