Watford Vs Arsenal (PL)


I would prefer Mustafa to Monreal but apart from that, it looks like a team that has a bit of determination about it and players that have that desire to win.


Shkodders is injured.


So who is out?


Monreal is much better then holding it isn’t even debatebable imo. He gets exposed in a three man defence every game let alone in a back two.

The overall game control you have from that front six and two ball playing centre halfs is decent. I want to see it.


If Kos doesn’t come through his late fitness test I’d be happy enough with Per, Holding and Monreal as the back three. Worked well enough in the FA Cup final. Holding will play regardless, it’s just whether it’s Per or Kos next to him.


No idea what to expect in this game, but given we have lost 9 of our last 15 away games in the league it’s hard to expect a win. 1-1


Watford is basically a home game.



We fucking lost home games to them the last few seasons lol


That game in the F.A. Cup :sanchez2:


That final open goal missed chance by welbeck- the last time i screamed watching arsenal. (Didnt even scream that loud when Ramsey scored the winner in the FA Cup final in May)


This isn’t going to be easy.
Watford might get something out of this match, I’ll go for 2-2 draw.


Richarlison looks quality for Watford and is scoring nearly all their goals need to watch for him.


Both should be fine to play tomorrow.


Always confident of a win. One word - Gomez.


Good. It’s always tricky after the international break so we need everyone available.


Oh ffs we’re wearing that horrible blue thing again whyyyyyy :tired_face: #NotMyArsenal


Does it bring bad luck?


Good luck actually, I have the 2 away kits so when we play in it I’ll wear them, didn’t see L’pool game so I’m unbeaten in the blue v BATE :grinning:


no it’s just a horrible top and will forever remind me of the Liverpool game


Oh fuck! 4-0 FT to Watford, then :wink: