Vitória Vs Arsenal (UEL)

Yes that is the correct kick off time! :sweat_smile: With it being on a Wednesday we can pretend it’s The Champions League :grimacing:

Will miss it due to work but I don’t think that’s a bad thing sadly :disappointed:

  • Vitoria win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Wtf, 3:30 kick off?!

I’m going for us to edge this one 2-1, pointless win that could lead to Bumery hanging around longer.

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Gonna leave work a bit early so I can watch this. Hope I won’t regret it!

1-3 Arsenal. Pepe brace.

we’re away. Barely beat them when we were at home.

Emery has a microscopic penis. Predict dropped points.

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Yeah, why is it a 3:30 kick off?

I thought the idea was we were playing early on Thursday to avoid clashing with Braga/Besiktas :thinking:

Anyway, Vitoria were good. Hard to predict but I’ll say a non noteworthy draw.

Can’t play on Thursday because they can’t play on same day as Braga. And our game isn’t allowed to clash with Champions League for broadcasting reasons. They have games at 6pm now don’t they, which means we’re at silly O’Clock.

Good chance I forget this game is happening due to a busy work schedule.

Going to see how the coins lie on Tipping point before I’m turning over first.


Wednesday is one of my working from home days, so I guess I’ll end up watching this.

Wish I had a job like this :pensive:

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I get two days a week from home, which I’m grateful for. It’s good for the workers but also good for the charity as it means there’s less office space needing to be rented in Central London. Everyone’s a winner really


A loss here will do nicely for the Emery out goal to be honest.

We’ll still go through as group winners. Losing to Vitoria, then Leicester at the weekend could make things untenable, even to the sooty fat shits on our board.

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I’m pretty disinterested in our league games, so this fixture barely registers. Might check the result in the evening by accident. Feel nothing towards the club at the moment.


Home working this day so gonna watch just to see what Emery the tactician learned from our last game with them…should be fascinating :frowning:

Thought you was one who thought Freddie ran the Europa side.

Well did Freddie take charge of the first game against them ?

No evidence he’s been in charge of any game is the.

When we look good it’s down to Freddie. When we look shit it’s all Unai. Them’s the rules.


Or the opposition is crap. Got it.:+1: