Video technology (VAR) in football


My reservations are all over this thread and I agree. :+1:


Not as bad as I thought but id hold judgement till the end of the tournament. There has been mistakes and the stakes are about to be hired now.
Hopefully it helps rather than hinders. Think theres a possibility of both imo. Im right on the fence right now.


Not as enjoyable as watching “Love Island” eh…??

Am I right OA love islanders…




That’s it @Phoebica and all you other VAR haters I will not have any more criticisms of VAR ever again.



Lmao what did I just watch.


Common sense at last


Trial is bs. Just introduce it.


Agree but better than nothing isn’t it?

They want it to start it in every game from next season


Almost certainly not. Someone is going to get advantaged by it being in some games and not others. Could be the difference in a relagation battle because Huddersfield get a pen in a game they have it in and Cardiff don’t in a game they don’t have it in.


Ah yeah can understand what you mean now.


Trial is BS. For some reason this country doesn’t like VAR. They (pundits/journos) will nit pick everything that is wrong with it during this trial period just to justify not having VAR come decision time. Quote me.


I think it will matter very little what the pundits think. If the refs back it it will go ahead I reckon.


I’m coming round a bit to the idea, but I’m not so sure for the very same reason as yourself, Shammy.


Other leagues are using it already. I’d say a year of it being used in a major league was a good enough trial. Just let them prove it works and then implement it next year.



I assume this decision was made after last night when they witnessed one of the worst penalty decisions in the history of the game?

They might want to tackle the standard of refereeing too – i’m not sure having Stevie Wonder referee football matches is a good idea.


If they bring in VAR they will hopefully get rid of those wankers behind the goal.


Something superstitious




Fantastic news!