Video technology (VAR) in football


Oh okay


47% want it removed, 42% want to keep it and I guess the others are don’t know


Coincidentally 47% of players are cheating cunts.


That figure seems about 53% shy to me.


Not when you take into account that at least 53% are lying, cheating cunts.


Still less than a majority. Majority in voting is achieved with more than half of all votes.


Well, technically given that 11% “didn’t vote” you’d still achieve a majority. Also there’s the distinction between majority and absolute majority, the former meaning that you got more votes than any other of the remaining parties and the latter that you got more than 50% of all votes combined.

Not that it really matters in this case though and all a matter of twisting words and numbers.


What you are talking about is plurality which is a completely different voting system. And no, you don’t achieve majority because 11% didn’t vote if they participated in the vote. But anyway, pointless to argue over this as you said.


Some good points made in here


Chip in the ball and on all players. One day.



“enemies of progress” seems like a pretty hysterical way to describe people, but it seems clear to me that a hell of a lot of people have been dead against it from the start, practically willing it to fail.

There are serious teething problems and there doesn’t seem to have been enough thought about its implementation but I think that’s likely to be ironed out and is something that we should persist with.


It is nowhere near perfect but the only way it can be improved is by being used.

If the whole world just embraced it for a season they’d get used to it. While it’s not part of the referee’s daily toolkit he’s never going to know how to use it properly.


That’s putting it lightly. It was an absolute shambles on Wednesday. The commenters and people at home didn’t even know what was going on, let alone the paying fans in the stadium!

Unless they can shorten the delays and ensure that the atmosphere of the game won’t be taken away then I don’t see how it can be a good thing – I agree with Poch when he said,

“I think we are going to kill that emotion that makes you feel happy [in the game], and that is why you pay the ticket, why you came to the game today, even when the conditions are too bad. Then you may say, OK, I’m going to watch on the TV at home. If you cannot shout when you score because you have to wait two minutes.

That’s the key bit for me. I don’t want football to become another slow-paced TV sport.

If they can iron out all these things then perhaps I’ll change my mind. But in its current state it’s not something I can get used to.


Look VAR can’t be blamed for the stupidity in the way it is implemented.

They don’t have to keep everyone in the dark about what’s going on.

However, that can only be solved by sticking with it.

‘train the referees’ because that has gone swimmingly in the last 20 years. Fuck that.


Well I said “serious” so I think that’s a pretty clear acknowledgement of the current issues, so no, I don’t think I put it lightly.

I don’t feel the need to elaborate much further as @Electrifying and @Craigie have made posts on very much agree with. But to reiterate, it won’t improve unless we stick with it. The technology works so we just need to work on how it is communicated and implemented. To quit so soon would be frankly fucking stupid imo.


Approved for the WC.


Very glad of that. I can get the argument for season ticket holders adjusting right now in league games but in a knockout competition things don’t “average out over the season”. One incorrect call can have you fucked and when the WC is once every 4 years it’d be a shame to go out like that.


If it is used sparingly and not as a fun sucker for every bloody decision then fine.

But it’s worth remembering that not all leagues have used VAR so there will be a lot of referees at the WC who have never used it before. They need to be briefed on how to use it properly, they can’t be referring decisions every 3 minutes because Mat Ryan or Yuri Zhirkov tells them to.

It’s one thing to make a clusterfuck of Spurs v Rochdale but to destroy the flow and spontaneity of a World Cup. No thanks.

On the plus side, apparently there will be a big screen where fans can actually see what’s going on :+1: and of course, if England benefit massively from VAR then i’m well in my right to erase all previous opinion and declare VAR the best invention the world has ever seen :sunglasses:


Good decision