Video technology (VAR) in football


Article for the above tweet. So buzzing about this!!

Adidas kits var and a return to the CL hopefully… next season is gonna be good!!


Brilliant news


VAR is shit. The soul of the game continues to be sucked dry, what a shame.

Next thing in the agenda, a playoff system no doubt.


RIP Tottenham


VAR is way more fun. May start watching the PL again next season :tada:



Oh that thing that fucked up this years world cup final.


I must admit I’m not overly looking forward to VAR, half sucks the enjoyment out of celebrating a goal, as you are wondering wether it will be overturned by VAR.


Not every goal scored is gonna go to VAR


Just enough of them to ruin the fun tho.


I know I’ve seen the way it’s used, I do watch other leagues from time to time + the World Cup.


Luca wannabe.


Goals get called off as it is, without the use of VAR, I don’t think that stops anyone from celebrating. “Hey, we scored but let’s hold off the celebrations in case the lino flags it offside” - said no one ever.

Sounds like you are just resistant to change.


It won’t.
As an Aussie & cricket fan, I am sure you have yelled out in excitement or disappointment, when a decision for run out is declared on that large screen.
The anticipation makes it even more entertaining.

The sudden excitement when the goal is scored will always be there. It will be a whirlwind of emotion when you are left to check yourself for a review.
I am actually looking forward to it


Have to admit I loved waiting to find out what the ref was going to give when it went to VAR at the World Cup. The anticipation is fantastic haha


There shouldn’t be anticipation though. VAR is only supposed to be used for clear and obvious errors. Therefore we shouldn’t be wondering what VAR will do, we should know.


How are clear and obvious errors defined?


If it’s a clear and obvious error then we wouldn’t need VAR? Surely it’s use has a wider remit


Maybe. But i’m just using the terminology they used themselves. If it’s only supposed to overturn decisions that are clearly wrong then there should be no surprises when the decision is made. But so far that hasn’t always been the case.


No more fake penalties