Video technology (VAR) in football

Yea I don’t praise refs for what they get right either because that’s their job.

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Consistency is key, they are failing miserably in the 2 games I have seen this weekend , in our game with guendouzi and twice so far in the pool game.

VAR is such an easy system to rig. Two blatant hand balls by lolpool yet nothing given. I guess the PL wants lolpool to win it all this season, it’s the exciting story line. VAR is shit, I’d wager that it’s getting about 10% of calls correct.

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I don’t think VAR changed any decision this game tho did it?

No, but it should have. Michael Oliver had a stinker.


Colour me shocked, I wake up to more news about VAR controversy in the EPL.

Still no change on the pitch side monitor policy though

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Let each fan have a buzzer under their seat and vote instead. Penalty? Press buzzer now!

That’s an informal thing though, no?

I thought they were allowed to check at pitchside but just didn’t?

Yeah, I’m not really sure on the exact rule to be honest, but I saw this tweet earlier

:joy: They are taking the piss here

What a fucking boondoggle. Can the fucking thing altogether.

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Can’t cancel it now. We’ll have to wait until the summer.

But the least I expected was a motion to use monitors more, but they even bottled that.

They’re like 5 year olds. Better tell them not to use the monitors, because then they will.

Revenge time @BigWeng_4LYFE siiiiiiiii :giroud2:


Big Weng in a room with just Mike Riley? He’s waited 15 years for this


Bodyslam time.

this needs to be live-streamed.

This is all we have now.

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Mike Riley has already admitted that VAR robbed us of 2 points v Palace

would be nice if wenger told him on no uncertain terms that he always found him to be a fucking little worm and somehow he had the power to sack him and tell him his job is on the line because he is an absolutely terrible ref and i think he is even biased dishonest one.

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