Video technology (VAR) in football


The technology is decent, it’s just implementation that is letting it down.

People are rightfully criticising the consistency of referrals / overturning decisions, but once that is established and clear, then the level of dispute over decisions will reduce.

In the first season, it was always going to be a struggle. Trial and error to a certain extent. But in the long term, I still see it becoming more efficient, quicker and delivering consistent decisions.

The shitshow that is VAR atm is all down to the piss poor implementation, but that will get better with time and experience. Is VAR this bad in Germany and other countries? I seem to recall it being used pretty well during the last WC.

No. The PGMOL decided to implement their own version of VAR, rather than use the same system that’s used throughout Europe.

Because going to look at a screen would ‘slow down the game’.

If ever @BigWeng_4LYFE careful what you wish for shout needed a home, this thread is it.

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1: It’s Müller
2: Monstrous = no one can tell even on a still frame
3: TheyabsolutelydemolishedBvBanywaywouldn’thavechangedathing@biggestgameinBundesligathanks.

But his point might stand anyway but in other leagues, not in the PL atm lol :upside_down_face:

Yea I don’t praise refs for what they get right either because that’s their job.

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Consistency is key, they are failing miserably in the 2 games I have seen this weekend , in our game with guendouzi and twice so far in the pool game.

VAR is such an easy system to rig. Two blatant hand balls by lolpool yet nothing given. I guess the PL wants lolpool to win it all this season, it’s the exciting story line. VAR is shit, I’d wager that it’s getting about 10% of calls correct.

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I don’t think VAR changed any decision this game tho did it?

No, but it should have. Michael Oliver had a stinker.


Colour me shocked, I wake up to more news about VAR controversy in the EPL.

Still no change on the pitch side monitor policy though

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Let each fan have a buzzer under their seat and vote instead. Penalty? Press buzzer now!

That’s an informal thing though, no?

I thought they were allowed to check at pitchside but just didn’t?

Yeah, I’m not really sure on the exact rule to be honest, but I saw this tweet earlier

:joy: They are taking the piss here

What a fucking boondoggle. Can the fucking thing altogether.

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Can’t cancel it now. We’ll have to wait until the summer.

But the least I expected was a motion to use monitors more, but they even bottled that.

They’re like 5 year olds. Better tell them not to use the monitors, because then they will.