Victor Osimhen


Currently in the lead. These fucking nerds in wannabe land.


Baseless tweet. However, he’s be a quality acquisition. FM style - I wonder if they would take £45m and Pepe?

With Oshimen’ injury record we would still need another CF and that’s even if you consider Martinelli and Balogun as options.

He certainly isn’t injury prone,the worst he’s ever has was a fractured cheekbone and a shoulder injury, nothing recurring like some of our current players.
Besides he’s a hard bastard and out of all the obtainable players he would be my first pick.


Pop this in the wishlist thread :sol:

Edit: @Truth_hurts already has, good stuff.

Can’t see him leaving Champions league bound Napoli, for EL or Europa conference bound Arsenal.

Partey did it


True fair point.

Hopefully he values money over playing in the top European competitions.

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This would certainly be exciting, I’ve only watched him a handful of times but he looks both raw and explosive, seems to have all the natural talents needed to succeed in the EPL.

What do our resident Serie A fans say? If we put aside his outrageous potential fee for the mean time


He would be top if the list of attainable strikers,he’s strong and aggressive and not afraid to get hurt.
Osimhen’s style is reminiscent of Harry Kane without the personality of being a complete and utter cunt.


What are the weaknesses in his game for you?

The only weakness I would say he has is that he needs to improve his passing skills, but as he us more of a proper number 9 with amazing pace and very adept at finding space it’s not something that is seen as a major problem.

Between Osimhen and Nunez I’d go for Osimhen every single time, he’s more of the finished article and would suit our style of play.
I would be sad to see him leave Napoli but completely overjoyed if he came here.


The downside is his price tag. :sweat_smile:
Napoli will surely need to make profit on him and unfortunately I don’t think he will be worth whatever Napoli ask.

If we want a quality striker we’re gonna have to pay the price, and we need to have a striker who’s going to hit the ground running. There’s no downside to signing a quality player


So you would pay say £100m on him? :thinking:
I assume he’ll ask for big time wages too.

Kind of limits what we can do for another midfielder and backup striker.

Is there any figure out there that isn’t worth paying if it prevents us having to watch Lacazette twerk and fall over for another season

Lacazette ain’t signing a new deal, don’t worry.
For that £100m though you can probably get a starting striker and a midfielder to compete with Partey, Xhaka and Odegaard.

£100m+ for this guy would be very bad business. He’s an excellent CF but not really on track to being elite

Should have pinched him before his Napoli move