US Gooners? Looking for US TV Subscription Information


Good afternoon all.

I am wondering if anyone is able to help; namely a US based gooner.

I am looking to set up a suitable solution to being able to watch the 3pm kick offs, and currently investigating the method of: US VPN, US App store, Use US NBC Sports / ESPN App, and us a US TV Subscription log in - Xfinity, Verizon etc.

I have everything I need but the final piece! and I am trying to reach out to someone in the US that would be interested in sharing their online log in details (a bit like our version of Sky Go) for me to complete the puzzle. Obviously I would be willing to contribute towards their subscription for such a favour.

Failing the above, is there anyway I could get a US tv subscription (only want the sports channels that show the Prem, what ones are best) at all? I don’t think this would work though.

Failing all of the , any other ideas? I don’t like internet stream searching at 2.55pm etc, and I’ve become too frustrated with Kodi now also!

Any ideas guys?


What are you using on Kodi?

I use SportsMania (they use 2 or 3 other brand names also) and have never had any issues.


I kind of dabbled with it, then saw all different builds are now only on the new kodi, my android box can’t handle new kodi, so gave up!

What kodi set up have you got? A generic build or DIY?


I’ve just got a generic build installed on a Windows 10 laptop and I only use it purely for the football. I did have it installed onto an amazon Fire TV stick that was plugged into the back of the tv but that broke and I’ve not got around to sorting out a new system yet.