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What the fuck I can’t believe how many people here are missing out on absolute cinematic masterpieces, what the fuck is wrong with some of you.

@Persona I’m especially shocked with you given your strong movie passions.


Didn’t see this either.

I didn’t see Schindler’s List, which is really bad I know.


Never seen citizen Kane either.


I need to add Schindler’s List and Citizen Kane to my not seen list. :laughing:

Also, Gone With The Wind, Wizard of Oz, The Lion King.


The lion king how have you not seen this film


What the actual fuck.

Go and put the Lion King on, right now.


Your childhood is about to get fucked over. :joy:


I knew that was coming out, anyways watch the lion king tonight gay boy “THE CIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIFEEEEEE!!” Oh shit it’s late there do it anyways.


Apparently it looks amazing according to some people that got to see a little bit of footage at a recent Comic Con.

Disney is going to make the the majority of those stories into live action, they’re a license to print money.


The lion king is one of my all time favourite films and I am really looking forward to the live action remake considering how well they did with the jungle book.


Black Panther 2nd trailer.



Why am I hyped for this?!


Because it’s going to be the movie with the best source material in 2017.


Just watched Baby Driver wanted to see it in cinema back in the summer but didn’t get a chance.

So rented it on my tv through sky store and really enjoyed it. Great action film!


If you die without ever seeing 2001 I am going to be really annoyed with you lol.


I like how we got more information on how you watched it then the actual movie. Shame you left out important details such as how big was your tv, how much was renting it what snacks did you have?


Bit of a random reply tbh.

If your gonna watch a film you don’t need me to tell you about it and plus I wouldn’t post about the plot because spoilers.


Isn’t the 3rd instalment of thr cloverfield franchise out soon? Really enjoyed the 2nd one!


Yeah but how big is your telly?


Anyone who can afford Sky is packing 49 inches minimum.