Unai Emery



poor guy is gagging for a job :arteta:




Isn’t that the job we’ve apparently offered Bould?


I’d really like to know his role at the football club actually is. He talks ways too much for a guy who is around the training ground regularly

Where is he at with his coaching badges?


We should be offering Pires a job, he is one of the true world class players that we have enjoyed at our club, a real club legend, and he obviously loves the club. Someone like him can only help our players surely…


No Wenger, no party anymore :mustafi:


I’d gag and give him a job




I regret nothing


Not sure I understand this. Are you saying he is desperate for a job, any job for some reason, maybe financial or something else? Or are you suggesting he is desperate to work at Arsenal?


He is desperate for a job at Arsenal. He turns up to London Colney everyday :laughing:

At least he gets free use of the gym equipment though, that’s something I guess.


He was at Colney a lot when Wenger was at the club too. But why wouldn’t he though. He shows up at events were the club asks him too and at the mean time he can chill at Colney. He probably has a lot of free time anyway hahaha.


Very good insight on Emery from the guy who made his book.



Nice article - thanks. Others should have a good read…:+1:


Good article.
It’s interesting what he says about Emery being ridiculed by some of the media in France, when he was with PSG.
Also what he says about Emery working with certain types of players, rather than specific players.
i would imagine that would be very appealing to our board, and possibly why he was favoured over other managers.


Well, don’t really see anything wrong with that. He obviously loves the club. He doesn’t have much else to do other than taking up punditry work in France I suppose and if he wants to remain involved in football and aspires to be a manager someday, what better place than one of the biggest clubs in one of the best leagues in the world. I mean, if there is any chance of a big club offering him a footballing role, that would have to be us.


First team coach changes!


Unai will be joined by First Team Assistant Head Coach, Juan Carlos Carcedo; First Team Assistant Head Coach, Steve Bould; First Team Coach, Pablo Villanueva; Director of High Performance, Darren Burgess; Strength and Conditioning Coach, Julen Masach; Goalkeeping Coach, Javi Garcia; Goalkeeping Coach, Sal Bibbo and Data/Video Analyst, Victor Manas.

First team coaches Neil Banfield, Tony Colbert, Jens Lehmann, Gerry Peyton and Boro Primorac; Head of Medical Services, Colin Lewin; Physiotherapists Andy Rolls and Ben Ashworth; Osteopath Dr Philippe Boixel and Travel Manager Paul Johnson have left the club.

Bye bye big Jens


Ahh shame I liked seeing Big Jens in the stands with his notebook.


Oh man oh well rip Jens

Steve Bould stays