Unai Emery


Well atleast he has the same body frame as Wenger.


Yeah, knowing our club they’ll be recycling all of Wenger’s old suits and zip up coats.


haha but anyone else impressed by art work at the facilities. They are gorgeous; especially the second gym.

I want a tour now


Our club has a rich history and it’s decaled everywhere. Stunning.


Yeah the facilities and decorations are sensational




His ECKSPLAYN pronunciation is already a classic. He seems more and more like a good fit for us.


Only just got around to watching the press conference - he came across extremely well. Seems like a really articulate and intelligent guy.

This summer is going to be wild. You’ve got the World Cup and Arsenal’s transfer business going on at the same time.

Mad that the transfer window shuts in just under 11 weeks. Lots of work to be done in that time. Helps dramatically that quite a few of our key players will not be going to the World Cup.

Pressing and possession. Buzzwords they may be, but I’m fucking buzzing.



You watch what you say about my granny, ya hear?


For Arsenal fans across the globe, there is now only one buzzword.



The explain thing had me cracking up


What is this explain thing?


listen to the press conference, it is the way he says it.


It’s the emphasis on and mispronunciation of the word.




Spelt ECSPLAYNN :rofl:


I thought it was more like “Eksplahaynnn”.


good to see people getting on the Unai train. Premier league here we come !


i dunno what it is about it, but when i hear him trying to talk and does things like that i think what an awesome man, makes me think more of him…has a humility about it but bravery too.


same here, first thing I thought was oh. balls: check.