Unai Emery


How the fuck did we not win the title in 13/14…


He didn’t say that though. He said a fair few times, which really isn’t the same thing as saying most, if we’re being fair.

But I don’t want to get bogged down in this. I see where you are coming from, and I like that your core point seems to be that Emery is currently doing better than Wenger did in most of those seasons listed in your post, so it doesn’t seem worth me picking an argument.


Would not be a Cuey-Cuey rant without this line. :xhaka2:


Incredible isn’t it.


Most days on top without actually winning the league.

We set an unwanted record that season


Wenger had a plan, but the execution was just horrible. I had been saying for years that Wenger needed to go, but at the end of the day we just had one really bad season. There is a tendency to go a bit over board to compare the two imo.


@JakeyBoy has pretty much covered everything I wanted to respond with so I won’t bother to much… I’m not trying to have a go at Emery as I think he’s doing a good job ATM, just think we’ll know a lot more by the middle of Feb. At that point we’ll have played Liverpool, City & Chelsea x 2 + United away & Spurs at home.


What I don’t understand is why you are building up some expectation of collapse as if we are challenging for the title. It is pretty clear we will not get into the top 2 or outside the top 5, and that is what the vast majority of fans expected of Emery. There is some chance we will finish 3rd and almost no chance of us finishing 6th. What exactly do you expect to see in February that is going to tell us more than what we already know?


I think Aussie is trying to say that much like Wenger, a collapse of some sort can happen in second half for Emery as well.

Sometimes, a new change can be exciting but once dust settles down, incompetence can seep in.

Let’s be hopeful that is not the case.


If we’re still neck and neck with Spurs and Chelsea come the middle of Feb we will know we have made some sort of real progress in the last 12 months… If that is the case I’d expect a top 4 finish given our schedule in the final 12-13 games of the season or so.


There will certainly be a negative slope in performances as Emery faces the winter period for the first time. It’s a stepping stone for him towards the next season when he will already know from first hand experience what to expect in English football during those months and what kind of adjustments he has to make in preparation. Loses will pile up in that period, I can promise you that just now.

There was no expectation of us to be neck and neck with Chelsea before the season started, actually a few people on here tipped them for champions, despite their obvious lack of attacking power. I don’t see why there have to be expectations of us battling with them after the winter period, that will be a bonus but in no way if we don’t do that will it mean there hasn’t been any real progress - the progress is there and it’s easy to see - there is unity among the players, positive attitude and willingness to work and improve because the coaching stuff can motivate them by actually leading by example by making good and effective decisions. What is important is not to lose that attitude and belief throughout the summer because we couldn’t battle with Chelsea over a transitional period. I seriously doubt that knee-jerk reactions and pressure from the fans when that most likely scenario develops will help that cause.

People really shouldn’t act like the squad doesn’t have holes that can be easily filled just by better management. The management has been as good as anyone could hope for, that doesn’t mean that we will magically outperform what we have been set up for years before and carry more than our own weight.


You should come back. None of us will predict the future with 100% accuracy. I’m not totally on the Emery wagon, I’ll judge him at the end of next season. It is nice to have a good run of form though.

I think Emery is proving he isn’t overly defense and if anything maybe not defensive enough. He’s proving his tactics in big games seem to work. And he is clearly creating a positive dressing room atmosphere.

As for how far he can take us, that also depends how much funds he’s given and what City and co are spending. He doesn’t operate in a vacuum. He is on target for 81 points and if he achieves it that would be a success in itself.


I would like to see Emery hooked up to a pedometer to see how much distance he covers during a game :slight_smile:


Absolutely true


We are all buzzing because we won the derby for sure. We are all celebrating the fight and performance more though and also the managers input more. This was a complete victory yesterday in every way.
We started well and looked good from the start. Emery made pro active subs that got us back on track and turned this game round into one of our best displays in years.
Step back from the emotion of beating the spuds. We bossed a bloody good side yesterday. People were asking for a victory over a top 4 side and got it yesterday. Now it seems the goal posts are being moved again.
Fucking Arteta name being mentioned after yesterday is just fucking farcical tbh by anyone.



Thats actually very telling really. Wrestles control back of games very well.


Yeah but that’s all we have to go on this year. And we have also had shambolic starts to season… Considering our start with City and Chelsea and our recent unbeaten run, the data suggests massive improvement even if we need to caveat with “its early” and sample size. We did our work in Europe and are blooding youngsters… a lot to like.

Our lack of leading at halftime is also bizarre and concerning.


That’s the thing I don’t understand, the moving of the posts after a game like yesterday. That’s a massive marker to set down against probably one of the best drilled teams, bar City, in the PL. We’re told by pundits and actual Arsenal fans that we need to beat the big boys. We’ve just roasted one of them and now there’s another expectation that needs to be fulfilled.


We have actually given a good account now against Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs tbh.