Unai Emery


So we have the right man to do it. No one has won more Europa League than him with a worse team than ours.


I expect indeed a lot of him in this competition. I’m guessing he knows he has a lot to gain by winning this (Champions League qualification, more respect from the fans etc.).


Good read.


Wenger just kneeled and smelled the grass.



One thing that griped me regarding Wenger on the touchline is that when he was nervous or we were playing badly, he’d do this thing with his arms crossed around his stomach whilst leaning forward and rocking like he was about to throw up.


in a way it is really bad, because when you are player and you see your manager doing that when you are playing…what does that do to your confidence, you have a pathetic looking manager that is rocking back and forth doing nothing and they are meant to be looking to him for instruction and management. It has got to rub off and make them nervous also.


I don’t understand the fuss about Manager being active on touchline.
seriously don’t see how that adds value to the play at all.


Ive blamed Wenger for plenty of things but I dont see him sitting down being one of them tbf.


Pashun merchant manager are more appealing to the common fan. I will admit to great to see and hear that your manager is just as emotionally invested in the success of the team as much as supporters are.

At the end if the day a manager’s conduct on the touchline does not have a major effect in the team. If anything it makes more sense not to be emotionally invested and animated during the 90. Heightened emotion clouds critical and rational thought

Wenger certainly tried to be calm and rational when he interacted with players during the 90 either on the touchline or in the dressing room. I honestly prefer that approach


You don’t have to be a passion merchant to be able to portray a positive demeanor on the bench/sidelines.


Arsène’s shitting position was a personal favourite.

Think that conveyed so much positivity to his players.

“I’m so invested in you winning this game and this club’s success that I’m willing to risk shitting my pants in front of 60,000 people.”

There is no greater sacrifice from a man than that. My leader, my hero.


Yup. Manager is supposed to have an eye on what both the teams are doing.
Being overly involved in game play distracts him from noticing a tactical flaw elsewhere.


We might be having slow starts to games, but boy, this team is seriously turning on some style and charm when it wants to of late. That 3rd goal was magnificant :giroud2:

We look like a proper fucking Football team again and I’m loving it. Go on Unai :unai:


He surely knows what a half-time talk is. Just need to keep this attitude for the whole 90 minutes and then we will become a great team.


We need to start better when we play against the best teams, but boy we are fucking good to watch again!


Apologies lord Unai, how could I have ever doubted your greatness.


@AbouCuellar :speak_no_evil:





King Unai is starting to make his mark


but if we had arteta we would top right now…fuck emery and all that