Unai Emery


It’s not hating when stating that the chances that Emery is going to bring Arsenal to a potential top three finish, let alone make us a contender, are very slim.


That would be true about ANY manager imo, at least this year and next… our squad is nowhere near the top teams, including Pool atm. The question is true opportunity cost and the devaluation of what is actually a pretty respectable record imho.

Would Pep bring us to top 3 this year with the squad we have? I actually doubt it and he is probably at the top of the heap in the world atm.


We won 3 in a row and it seems we haven’t won a single game since last january :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :unai:


Yeah I think people just magically assume that we were so shambolic on the road last year that we are guaranteed to just vault automatically by 10 points… it really doesn’t work that way. Your points total after 38 games is representative of your quality, at least it is the best measure. One could equally argue we overplayed our ability in ppg at home last year. We were terrible… historically so for us.


If you want to throw all the context out of the door fine.

I’m pretty confident Arsenal will remain a 4-6th club for as long as Emery is here. I will just sit back and have that confirmed while hoping he can steal an Europe League on his way out.


I never thought that Liverpool would have any resemblance of a contender and yet ownership and the technical staff have managed to put something together for them to look up a bit. Not saying that they will actually win it all but there seems some progression and hope. I don’t think Emery has the tools too and will not replicate that. I also always stated that it’s not going to be a realistic goal for this season, but it will also not be for the season after next.


Then don’t bring up a line of reasoning which is demonstrably untrue.


They have spent and handled the market 100x better than we have in the last 3-4 years… maybe luck? Bottom line is their business is just ridiculously good in terms of shrewd acquisitions combined with a couple of big buys to cover areas of need… selling Suarez earlier and then more recently Coutinho for giant numbers was genius.

If you switch teams, Emery finishes above Klopp this year, just as I would expect Klopp to finish above us this year.

We need more of that in our business dealings.


It’s not untrue that Unai Emery is no Jurgen Klopp. The rebuilding project at Dortmund (which they are replicating at Liverpool for a bit), nurturing talent, the context of the trophies…Klopp has proven more than Emery has.




Really; fuck you if you’re just trolling. Your only argument has been that Emery has a bigger trophy cabinet than Klopp?


I’m not making any arguments. I have no idea how Emery will do at our club.


You are contesting my statement that Emery isn’t Klopp. And your only reasoning has been that Emery has more trophies…whilst ignoring everything else and insinuating that Emery is of the same level as Klopp. If you don’t want to substantiate like I said; fuck right off.


No one has any idea how our manager will do, none of of us has a crystal ball…The only thing we can be certain of is that Jurgen will always have whiter teeth than our guy…for my point of view, I’m glad we’ve got Unai, he seems a decent bloke, and deserves a chance…For all the Klopp lovers out there, he’s in his third season, and has won feck all so far…


That’s clearly not true :slight_smile: They walk among us


'We should have kept Wenger. You have no idea how he would done it in another season. It might aswell have worked out.


That is so true, no one has any idea…just people full of crap opinions, and fanciful notions…let the season ride, then see!!!


Except it really isn’t an analogous situation, is it?

Really the bottom line is we persisted with Wenger too long… Klopp and Pep were not available.


34 posts of pure aids. Keep em coming guys.


I think not winning the league in the past umpteen years is a bit of a give away here .
Finishing above City , ‘Pool , United , Chavs and losing the title to Leicester is a little bit of a give away and add a few 6nils , 5-2’s and a little 8-2 just goes to show Mr Wenger had turned the invincibles into the laughables .
Igor Stepenovs… need I say anymore?
Oh yes Denilson … WTF was he about !