Unai Emery


Exactly lmao


Yeah. The problem with that is that Unai Emery is not Jurgen Klopp.


Think most people will have a decent idea of Emery’s capabilities by the end of next season. Jury is still out at this point


You’re aware Emery has had a 10-year career at this point? Being at Arsenal is not really going to change what he is.


Like I said, we’ll see by the end of next season.

I don’t know how you can definitively assess what he can do for Arsenal just yet


It’s not definitive. But our stature in English football right now and his track record as a coach gives a pretty clear idea of what we are our heading for.


They both have been managers for a similar amount of time, and Klopp has less silverware on his C.V.

Being at Liverpool is not really going to change what he is.


You think Emery is as good of a manager as Klopp is?


There’s no evidence to suggest otherwise.


Klopp’s 2 league titles competing with Bayern Munich hold a lot more weight than Emery’s Europa League titles, but hey people can believe what they want.


So many Klopp dick-riders :slight_smile:


Klopp is the better manager.


What’s the evidence that he is on equal footing? Because Klopp has actually won very little if you just look at the numbers. Only two League title and one domestic cup. Following this logic the list of better managers than Klopp is quite long.

Should have stuck with Wenger than.


Ride 'em cowboy!


If anyone starts a klopp v emery thread they’re getting banned :gunnersaurus:


I would tend to agree with this, but he also has some lows in his career… but larger point - HE WAS NOT AVAILABLE to us when we were finally looking… and neither was Guardiola.

I think people also dismiss what Emery did with teams way below their level, including promotions and unprecedented results… not to mention 3 times EL in a row is pretty damn impressive… and his PSG failure imo is overblown - he still got the preponderance of trophies minus an historic year by Monaco - which was Leicester City-like (and they are much more competitive on average than LC).

Many of us would probably rather we got Nagelsman or one of a few other names perhaps, but the haters are a bit over the top imho…


It was you who brought up managerial careers as evidence.


That’s a massive understatement.


I think that’s my gripe with the situation, everyone on here knows I think we should have been looking when Klopp was available and yeah I’d have preferred Nagelsman or Jardim, Sarri also but I suppose you could say we didn’t have a chance due to Chelsea.


yeah I would assume once Chelsea got involved in Sarri, it was game over for us… it would be interesting to go back and look at the timing though… perhaps had we acted earlier and more aggressively, who knows.