Unai Emery


I’m not sure why Torreira isn’t starting. But Guendouzi simply is a better player than Elneny. I think it’s a simple matter of quality if you have to choose between Guendouzi or Elneny. The odd benching of Torreira aside. We needed bodies in centre midfield since Ramsey has been moved forward anyway. Xhaka seems to have the trust of the manager.


Come on now.

You’ve massively overrated Guendouzi on a 3 game sample. The difference in the fundamentals of each player is literally day and night


Is it me or this forum is way too Pro-Emery and Anti-Wenger at every situation?

I know we all have to wait and see with Emery but if the skeptics all shut up and have to wait until the end of the season. God it’s going to be boring on here.

I am actually more concerned what’s the expectation of the board and how long will they give Emery? Will Emery lose interest and resign after a season or two? Do we want another manager who runs the club for the long term? Would it go stale again? Managers come and go at other clubs especially with player powers and downing tools. So much unknown.


Welcome to 2018, where everything is binary.




I don’t know about the too anti-Wenger part, but I don’t really think you can say the forum is way too Pro-Emery given that it has only been three matches under his stewardship. At such an early stage I’d be disappointed if Arsenal fans weren’t broadly backing him and trying to find the positives in what he is doing, that’s the way it should be really imo until a clearer picture emerges.

The forum might be way too pro-Emery if loads of people were going round saying he’s fucking brilliant, one of the best managers in the country and transforming our club from mediocre also-rans to instant title challengers, but that’s not really the vibe I’ve been getting when reading what people are posting.


Why wouldn’t you be too pro-Emery?
It’s in benefit of the club that he succeeds.


Yeah shouldn’t everyone be pro-Emery until he proves he’s incapable? :thinking:


I think it’s our duty and our responsibility as fans to believe and get behind the team and the manager. I’m not convinced by Emery but, as many have said, it’s rather early to judge.

What I will say, though, is that Emery is used to winning the league. He did it last season. It’s what he knows how to do. There is absolutely no reason why we can’t “do a Leicester”- win all our winnable games and potentially afford to drop points in the big games.

Again, it’s way too early to say but if Emery does his homework and his research on opponents (something that it’s clear as day Wenger wasn’t doing towards the end of his time here) then we could be in a very rosy position by the time we play Liverpool


The goal this season has surely got to be getting the shape of this team right on the pitch.

Forget top four and other results targets.

While shambolic performances like yesterday are still very much the norm of this side, the only thing Emery can achieve this season is to realign the players on a positional level and bring a base composition to the table. We should be finding a balance by the season’s end.

Full backs
Central midfield
Wide positions

All need to be finalised and aligned with a strong game plan.


For some reason like some others I expect our defense to be much more structured. Whenever we raise a little bit of ire…we get shot down.

That’s why I’m saying it’s too pro-Emery here and then deflect everything bad on Wenger. Anything critics say seem to get silenced immediately or called a troll.

Anyway if we play badly and still get a 3-1 win like yesterday. I wouldn’t mind.


I agree - I’d go further and say this should absolutely be a “season of sorting” - figure out who is going to make the grade, stay past this year, who isn’t up to standard, who is going to be candidate for starter, who could stay as depth, which of our youngsters can take the next step up and be a core part of next champion contender.

And we also need to start planning ahead a bit for a few of the older players and their sunset. Cech is probably done after this year (we have Leno, better find out if he is the answer or not THIS year), Auba will be 30 next summer, Ozil will be 30 in October, Micki will be 30 in January, Lichty is 34, Monreal will be 33 in Feb, Papa will be 31 next summer, Koss will be 33 in Sept, Laca will be 28 next summer.


When he was appointed the dissenters were bashed, criticised, harried etc. So yeah hence why you get that feeling.


Sorry, not sure what you are saying here.


The reason it’s seems very pro-emery. People who were extremely anti-Wenger were happy to get a new manager, but on the other hand the criticised people who weren’t happy about emery; either you became silent and wait or face criticism.


I think most people were not thrilled with the appointment, including me. I just didn’t understand the over-the-top gloom and doom and negative assessment of his track record. Its one thing to be disappointed and skeptical, another to be certain he will fail… a lot of the criticism seemed that way…

To be honest, I thought your statement was in reply to mine, so it seemed totally non-sequitur, which is why I asked… now I see it was in reply to Immoralgunner and makes more sense… .:poldi:


Haha I see.


what annoys me about it is that even unknown managers that have done fuck all in the game and won nothing like Poch and even people going as far as totally unknowns like fucking arteta were being viewed as better appointment. There are no facts behind this nor proof…but they just ‘would be a better appointment’ and when you say look these people have done nothing. Then it is emery have never gotten a team into CL places and then dismiss his work at PSG saying even a monkey could win there, but somehow fucking arteta or some random manager would be a better manager…even fucking eddie howe was mentioned as a possible better appointment with foresight. Then 3 games in ‘the defense is bad in fact its worse’ i really think that we are going backwards…its FUCKING 3 GAMES!


Imagine wanting to give the new guy a chance and asking others to do the same. We’re a bunch of fucking weirdos around here if you ask me.


I think I echo that sentiment Maverick. (Although, admittedly, a little less sweary)

I think there are reasons to be disappointed (the complete no show v Manchester City should not be disregarded even though it was the first game)

However, I think there are reasons to be cheerful, too. If we can find a way to keep winning games on an individual basis (something I pray Emery is working on, and not just taking a Wenger-like objective approach to every PL game) then we can get a run going. If that happens, we can really go places.

First stop, Cardiff. Tough away game and we’re not good on the road. If we win that, I’ll start to believe we can win the league.