Unai Emery

Tbf Wenger likely had a big part in hiring the man whose legacy issues are the root of all our evils right now (and will continue to be maybe like fucking forever, or at least until @Stroller is on his death bed and I’m on mine prematurely with esophageal cancer).

Yeah it’ll get worse but there won’t be the vocal protest that’s wanted.
Tbf charging most expensive prices in the prem has lead to a change in the supporter whose likely to object forcefully.


A lot of folks talk about David Dein leaving but I really think it was Ivan getting hired that might be the turning point in retrospect. His tenure was nothing short of a disaster. He bungled contract situations, bought players who were total failures and fucked up the succession plan when Wenger left. He even fucked up the commercial side of things.


Yeah his legacy is being upheld by them. You must be proud.

Quite impressive how Emery managed to take a flawed top PL side and slowly transform it into the new Burnley.


I’ve pretty much lost all hope in this club, the fact Emery hasn’t been binned yet gives me all I need to know about the board and ownership having no idea, or simply just not caring enough to act.

As for the next few games it would be hilarious if Unai only wins 1 or 2 out of next 4, because from December 16 to Jan 11 we have a 7 game stretch where we’ll struggle to win one. Could well be sitting bottom half in the middle of Jan.


I hope we are then lets see the arrogant cunts of a board release another statement through Ornstein defending their shite manager and saying it’s all VAR and the bad bad fans fault.

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I agree but tbf to Emery “slowly” isn’t giving him enough credit really, he managed to get us a tidy 7th place finish in expected points last season, gotta give credit where credit’s due, it’s been a rather streamlined process into Burnleyhood.

Yep. I can’t think of a top club in the world who wouldn’t have fired their manager under the same circumstances. Maybe United but then they are the one top club you absolutely don’t want to be compared to in terms of their sporting directive/club level operations and can throw a fuckload more money and status at the problem than we can besides.

We’re descending incredibly quickly into Spurs Villas Boas/Tim Sherwood/musical chairs of shit managers era level of club. The type that you question a non-football hipster in my country about and they say ahh yeah that’s an english club isn’t it?

And there’s really only one explanation, the one that was likely all along: idiotic and illogical (with apologies to @Forever :crazy_face: ) hires don’t just happen by accident: they happen by idiotic and illogical people, people with track records too of doing other idiotic and illogical things, who are hired by people who also do idiotic and illogical things like hire said people.

And idiotic and illogical people don’t like to admit their mistakes until they absolutely have to.


To be honest i literally would rather watch burnley than us at times

Yeah you have to figure this is the real situation… just hope they don’t wait too long. Almost impossible for us to lose to Soton, who resemble a bottom half Championship side and we have a few cupcakes in a row atm, but we’ll see. Imagine a scenario where Auba pulls a hammy and it will spiral even faster.

Southampton almost got a draw at City a week or so ago.

Underestimate Emery at your own peril.


I’m just relieved I have a mates wedding in Adelaide in 2 weeks and when we play Norwich and Brighton I’ll be busy travelling around NZ. This could potentially get me out of watching the next 3 league games.

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There will be a lot of toxicity when we play Southampton.

Emery will smalldick

I can see us dropping points.

Lol fair enough, but Soton are trash other than that one performance

Two weeks of this till our next game

Slap that phrase in to pornhub search and see what comes up.

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No thanks. I don’t watch my own videos. It’s poor form. :arteta:

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More and more convinced that they can’t replace permanently until summer, which I honestly mostly agree with - I still 100% feel they should move and put someone in charge interim regardless, but it adds to the equation of “supporting Emery fully.”

What if they actually wanted Enrique as the next guy but he isn’t actually ready yet? (perfectly plausible scenario) What if he WOULD be ready in summer, along with the potential options being a much larger pool?

What I do worry is that they somehow think Emery is better to persist with than some interim options (including Freddie) - tbf plenty on this board even question the interim options or suggest interim options that are probably unrealistic… even Benitez… would he take an interim salvage job just to hand off to someone else he feels is more/less his peer? Wouldn’t that be the ultimate in late career submission to an upper class?


Big risk to leave Unai in place until May. He’s absolutely a dead man walking now so you’re talking 20 some domestic league games under a guy who will definitely not be here come July. Sure the players are professional but they’re human. They don’t understand his instructions now, if left in place they won’t understand AND won’t give a shit.

So we finish potentially outside UCL spots or even outside Europe all together. Auba leaves, Lacazette leaves, Torreira leaves, Ceballos goes back to Madrid, we might have to sell a guy like Matteo just to help generate some money. Is Enrique taking that type of rebuilding job after having a tremendous personal tragedy? Just can’t see it.

On the other hand, if we dump Unai now there’s a slight possibility we can fluke our way to fourth. But more importantly we can demonstrate to the squad that Unai’s utter incompetence had consequences.