Ultra HD tv


I have a 49in lg 4k/3D which is the dogs…although being blind in one eye the 3d is useless… But the price was good…


Cant go wrong with a Sammy. Never had trouble with them. Three in the list above too.


Somebody tell me, how good did we look getting totally fucked on your televisions?


I didn’t bother watching on tape.


A year on and the 4K revolution still lagging imo. The technology is there and the developer uptake isn’t, principally I’m thinking of the small number of tv programmes being either produced or at least made available in 4K. It’s still a fad for the Hollywood blockbuster movie and the avid sports fan at the moment, which is fine as these are things that show off the technology, but it’s not becoming mainstream anytime soon. Maybe 4K is destined to be an awkward bridge tech between true hd (still being embraced) and 8K (just around the corner)


Hopefully this will help potential buyers :


4k is rife in gaming. The PS4 Pro and Xbox One X were released exactly for it. So as a gamer I love my telly.

Other formats, maybe youre right. But all will catch up very soon.


Wouldn’t say it’s a fad everything that is filmed is recorded in resolution higher then 4k depending on what they filmed it on ie 35mm film.

sure lack of mainstream 4k content on tv is due to it not being able to broadcast it via arial to freesat or freeview,

Sky q u get movies and sports plus you can watch blue planet on bbc I player in uhd.

Netflix is the best option to view 4k/HDR content

Sure has the tech improves and now theirs a standard for 4k devices that content will soon be easily A lot more available.

Just want rid off these sd channels with really poor picture that free some bandwidth up.


Ultra HD is the business. We upgraded sky plus to sky q and got a new Ultra HD 4K tv to go with it back in October and I love watching the PL on sky in UHD. So good and clear


So I see a thread called “Ultra HD tv” and for some reason the only thought that comes into my mind is

I bet there’s a post from Calum in here containing the word “sky” at least once

I was not let down :mustafi: