UK General Election announced for 8th June


Michael Gove seems a natural fit as Environment Minister :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:


Fuck me, this just gets more and more farcical


I think a lot of people are thinking he is there to take most of the heat from the public, to keep it off May and the others





What it demonstrates is, he is doing exactly what he was mandated to do. So in their eyes, there’s no reason to get rid of him.


Heard that somehwere before :wenger:


I get that, but it’s like they have learnt nothing.


It wouldn’t be very strong and stable to be getting rid of people, or basically changing anything at all.

I was thinking today they should probably take a week or two then have another election. The Tories still did okay if you consider this was the kind of result people expected from Cameron against Milliband and “Tory-lite”. If May had gone up against that she’d have probably done better.

Considering they ran with a shit leader, a shit campaign and a shit manifesto, if they spent a few weeks with the spin doctors coming up with something better that they could sell and May showed some humility and showed her face and had a manifesto with some juicy lies in it then they could do alright.

Labour would probably end up the saying the same things they were saying for the last few weeks so people may get a little bored of it whereas the Tories would be churning out something new.

They could spin the line that a hung parliament won’t do for Brexit and they could have some positivity. From what I’m imagining, a loose DUP backing in a minority government isn’t going to last for the long term and all she’s going to do is fail at some stage in the future and she and the Tories will look weak, then they’ll have to go through an election against a well prepared Labour party (I would imagine right now the party is probably skint) with a consistent message and a stable shadow cabinet all on the same page and they’ll probably lose. A big factor seemed to be the audacity of calling a “vanity” election we didn’t need but you could argue now with the situation we’re in a decisive election was needed.

If people are willing to forgive Jeremy Corbyn for his left wing lunacy, inability to wipe out cities with nuclear weapons, open door migration, bankrupting the public finances, Queen hating, Hamas and IRA friendships and losing the support of his entire parliamentary party in the space of 4 weeks, I think people will forgive Theresa May for being a bit wooden if she turns up and says the right things. Considering how high her ratings were before the election and how big the poll gap was people are clearly willing to accept a terrible Tory government.

They’ll be too scared to chance it though. They’ll cling on and pray it doesn’t fall apart. I’m hoping it does obviously and they’ll get wiped out at whatever election comes next.


Good luck




“I got us into this mess”

I think Dodgy Dave played his part there, Terry. :wink:



Corbyn now has to keep proving himself statesman like and convince the unconvinced that he isn’t a lunatic. If he can do that, he has a chance and a good one. but you’re right, Tories would probably win again - thankfully I think they are too afraid to risk it. But then again, there are at least 50 very targetable Tory seats, including Boris’s Uxbridge lol, and Scotland could see more Labour gains. I think another election would result in another hung parliament.


Labour didn’t win but after this next bout of austerity I think they could put pretty much anyone in charge of Labour and they’d win the next election. There is no way the Tories make it out of any election held anytime after we get to see the impact of their next round of social cuts.


You’re a teacher I believe, right?

Gove tried to remove the teaching of climate change from the curriculum when he was education secretary a few years back. I expect your views on that are similar to mine

As an environmentalist this appointment is as cringeworthy as it is distasteful. I hate Gove already and this promises to reach new levels of loathing.

Wonder how BoJo feels about the guy who knifed him so publically returning to the top table? Although how silly of me, it’s merely a backwater appointment for the Tories :roll_eyes:

What a shambles!




Worse than Wenger :wenger:




Thanks to the internet this really has been the finest election of all time.


God since joining the Labour Party it’s been endless elections and squabbles, and now it’s going to be back trying to stop the fucking Blairites, cos you just know that underneath all the smiles and Jeremy chants, they are sharpening their knives for attack number 3. Must keep as many of them as possible out of the Labour Annual conference, where the next battle lines are drawn.