UK General Election announced for 8th June



Didn’t know Labour took us to the Moon in the 70s. :coq:


Preach it!!


Good honest end to that article

Now that I’ve said I’m wrong – perhaps one of the sweetest things I’ve had to write – so the rest of the mainstream commentariat, including in this newspaper, must confess they were wrong, too. They were wrong to vilify Corbyn supporters – from the day he stood – as delusional cultists. They were wrong to suggest Corbyn couldn’t mobilise young people and previous non-voters. They were wrong to suggest he couldn’t make inroads in Scotland. They were wrong to suggest a radical left programme was an automatic recipe for electoral catastrophe.

No, Labour hasn’t formed a government. But it is far closer than it has been for a very long time. The prospect of a socialist government that can build an economy run in the interests of working people – not the cartel of vested interests who have plunged us into repeated crisis – well, that may have been a prospect many of us thought would never happen in our lifetime. It is now much closer than it has ever been. So yes – to quote a much-ridiculed Jeremy Corbyn tweet: the real fight starts now.


There really should be a concerted attack here on this coalition with the DUP.
These caveman views they hold are so fundamentally challenged its unreal.
If you was to express these views in a work place you could lose your job on diversity issues alone.
I honestly find this a ludicrous situation. If one MP had uttered a quote on a gay issue like this before the election they would have been destroyed by everyone. Now we have a situation that allows that warped outlook on life have a say in the running of our country.
We are going to enter negotiations with europe spouting about British values. Good luck with that one.


Hmmm yes the whole of it is very much blue. When I went to vote, there was a queue and I was the youngest there by a long margin so I’m not at all surprised that my constituency voted Conservative (again).


Yeah, southern England and outside London is always blue.


‘The real fight starts now’

Only so long as the interest of young voters is captivated and focused basically.

The Tories picked up more of the 'Kippers so Labour’s share isn’t enough


I think the youth vote is pretty solid in my opinion.


This will be the real coalition of chaos. I can’t wait :slight_smile:




“Because if Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser, what the hell do you call a political party that was endorsed by the Ulster Defence Association and the Red Hand Commando.”



I think this DUP thing is getting overhyped now.

They’ll do nothing of any significance and it’s not like there’s really much choice. The Tories have been rejected by 4 of the 5 parties that could help them. Theresa May is a Tory prime minister, she’s not going to shaft herself again and have a true minority government because of some kind of noble stand. They want to be in power.

She’ll do far worse things than throw the DUP a few bones in the next 5 years, I’m sure of that.


It could cause trouble in N. Ireland though and unrest. Its only a few weeks before the marching season begins.


video evidence @shamrockgooner

lol fair play to him :joy:


Matthew Goodwin a former professor of mine in political science :joy:


Any country that has a marching season, needs to grow up :grinning: