UK General Election announced for 8th June


Thanks mate, I’m pretty happy that everywhere where I canvassed we won big. The amount of young people turning up to help yesterday was so high, committee rooms were turning people away to other boroughs. And people were willing to cross London to make it happen. I’ve never seen anything like it. And I was also delighted to see some of the local Blairite wing singing - Oh Jeremy Corbyn, utterly delighted.


Tottenham: Labour 81%

They did well for once :hipster:


Apparently no reshuffle aswell. Her position is so weak, definitely a coalition of chaos in the making :joy:


Tottenham is red!


Her position is weak but it wasn’t just her.
I think people are fed up with people like her and the Eton educated elite like Johnson, Cameron, Osbourne etc.

I also think the fact that we are going to leave the EU made younger voters realise that their vote does matter, and they came out and tried to make up for what they could have done on the Brexit vote.

Also, the papers like the Sun and Mail just show how out of touch they are.
They might appeal to the nutters that read and believe all their rubbish, but the floating voters saw through them and realised that it was all a pack of lies, and voted against the Tories.

Boris Johnson is also going to get found out as well, as a habitual liar and self seeking publicist.




I’d hate to be Theresa May right now, damn.


What’s annoying me is the media wheeling out the pointless Blairites who now think they can ride on Jeremy’s coat tails and start calling for what - a really soft Brexit? That’s just idiotic; that line of argument just killed the Lib Dems. We did well because we expertly straddled both sides, a People’s Brexit argument retains Remainers in their droves, and also wins over the KIPPERS.

So message for the Blairites, shut up, enjoy your enhanced majorities, and just let Jezza and McDonnell get on with it. And no you’re not taking all the top jobs in the cabinet, you can sit in the back like the retards you are.


A soft brexit is just absurd. Either your in or your out and I don’t see the majority of the EU countries accepting a exit with benefits.


Yeah that’s what I meant lol



What about your beloved Hertfordshire?


I promise I’ll stop posting so many memes soon



So the fucking posh parts of London vote the Tories out but East Renfrewshire vote them in?! :joy:

Is this some sort of alternative universe?! @Electrifying


Surreal electoral times. The most left wing candidate for a generation wins bloody Kensington, crazy.


Get in there! Arsenal beat Chelsea again :giroud2:



Another thing she’s went back on!


Oh I sure hope so John.

I’m not actually sure how important tabloids are, I’d like to think the electorate can think for themselves. Either way this election was a blow to Murdoch.


To be fair, East Renfrewshire has Newton Mearns and Clarkston, which is chock full of rich suburban Tories, it was one if the safest Tory seats before 1997.