UK General Election announced for 8th June


Exit polls ask people as they leave the polling station who they voted for.

They have been pretty accurate over the past.

In 2015, all the polls pointed to hung parliament, but the exit poll had a much bigger Tory lead than forecast. And that ended up being the case.


Thank you @will24 @Electrifying for the info.


Reaffirming their stance from a little while ago.


However, just seen the exit poll has overestimated the share of the vote Labour got in Newcastle. But early days.

Think Theresa May might still get a slim majority. What a pountless, hilarious outcome.


All in all Brussels will be laughing at May from across the negotiating table :grin:


They be laughing anyway when boris turns up to to do the brexit deal


So apart from the overall fact that it’s unclear if conservatives will get a majority (and if so how big); Scotland looks very interesting (conservatives look to have done well + Labour better than expected), plus some big names could be losing their seat. Justine Greening, Alex Salmond, and now Nick Clegg(!) If he can be considered big :joy:


I’m off to bed in case things go bad. It’ll be better ripping off the metaphorical plaster quickly in the morning rather than slowly peeling it off


Darlington Labour HOLD

Could be Big, cons wanted that all election


Labour doing a madness


So far I’m loving this!

Labour with some massive gains and holds. This is beautiful…


In 2015 in my area, UKIP got 14,000 votes (2nd highest after Tories with 23,000). Yesterday they got 2,000. :joy:
Tories up by 7,000 votes they got in 2015 and Labour up by 5,000.


This is brilliant. COME ON LABOUR!!


Astonishing scenes. I still don’t want to get hopes up, though…


Battersea Lab gain from Con. Scenes


Dimbleby: “And if Brexit is in some trouble, will you come back into politics to fight for what was voted for only last summer?”

Farage: “I would have absolutely no choice but to come back”


London is red, in more ways that one :wink:


Btw ITV’s coverage is really good. Much better than the awful BBC.


I know Boris will be Safe, but just imagine if he lost Uxbridge…

Labour GAIN Bury north. Leave places also going red, this is really weird

Robertson gone :open_mouth: I really like him… wow


What a shit show if Scotland save the Conservatives lol.