UEFA Women's EURO 2022

Sweden one up against Netherlands, great goal :ooo: go us! :sweden:

Netherlands looked well off the pace before they lost two players to injury in the first half. Sweden playing some clever wide-play. Our Viv looking frustrated out there.

we’ve clearly decided to take her out of the NL game best we can. She drifted wide left and back a bit early on then fell back into the classic 9 spot towards the end there, but so far we’ve put effort into keeping her quiet and it has worked. We’re clearly targeting the wide defenders when we attack yeah, ball always quickly out wide. So far I think van de Donk had the best chance for NL with that close range shot that went over

edit: … and Miedema gets free range for 5 seconds and it’s 1-1 :santi:

na we should’ve won that, our own fault. ref was shit as well.


that clip is 5 seconds of the word “goal” flashing by to me lol

maybe I am geoblocked. by all of Europe. Swexit.

In Jimmy Hill’s watching England v Norway. The bar goes round an outside square and there are TVs everywhere. Surprisingly popular. Cheers going up when we score. 2-0 if anyone is counting.

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It’s coming home, isn’t it?

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5-0 wow

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If something has to come I’ll gladly accept it being this

We want 10! We want 10!

Outrageous dive on the England penalty :flushed:

Haha yeah couldn’t believe it was given considering they had VAR!

Is someone winning 8-0 not a bit embarrassing for the competition?

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Probably. Especially as there are only 16 teams in the tournament. Norway aren’t usually that shit either, they’re ranked 11th and have a good attack with Hegerberg and Hansen. They were just absolutely shocking last night and England and Beth Mead in particular were just brilliant.

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Although tbf Brazil lost 7-1 in a world cup semi final lol

Ffs Miedema and Groenen both out with COVID. We also have 3 first-teamers out with injury.

Turning into a nightmare campaign for us :orange_circle: :santi:

hehe maybe we’ve given them the tottenham treatment :henry2:

(inb4 we’re playing ourselves, you fucks)

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Great goal, but we made hard work of it.

Man, Northern Ireland are bad. They play like a BTEC prime Pulis Stoke!

Mead on fire

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