Uefa 'planning third European club competition from 2021'


Midweek like the other ones. The Cup Winners Cup used to take place on the same nights as the Champions League and UEFA Cups. The UEFA Cup/Europa League used to have games on Wednesdays as well as Thursdays so some were on the same nights as Champions League. Nothing to have a shitfit about there, I’m afraid.


Looking at halving the teams in the current format of the Europa League might not be such a bad thing. Obviously I hope whatever name they officially use will be better than Europa League 2 though.


So pointless then really. Although taking all the shit teams out the Europa will be good although hopefully we won’t need it!


Will teams be able to drop from the Europa League into Europa League 2 if they finish in 3rd place in their original Europa League group?

They really need to get rid of that rule by the way. It’s so dumb that a UCL team could finish miles behind two other teams in its group and get rewarded with a place in the Europa League knockout rounds and potentially a route back into the Champions League if they win the tournament.


Huge fan of this idea. 32 team Europa League instantly becomes more prestigious and also more manageable for clubs in the competition.


The new competition and Europa League will have the same format - eight groups of four teams with the winners going into the last 16. There will be a play-off before that round for the teams who finish second in the group and sides who finish third in the groups of the higher tournament.

Looks like it.

At least it gives you a reason to win your group as an EL team, but I really can’t see anyone from any of the bigger leagues giving any kind of shit about literally a third rate European competition.

I think the EL is a pointless competition anyway but if you’re going to have it I can’t see any reason not to have another tier below it.

I’d rather they changed it to be more success-focused though, e.g. opening it up to make sure that the Maltese champions always get to play some European football, even if it’s only against the Armenian champions, but opening it up so that the likes of the 8th best team in England get to play those teams - I don’t really see the point of that.


They might as well restructure the ‘Champions’ League and make it for actual trophy winners(League and Cup).
Put all the 2nds, 3rds, 4ths or whatever to Europa League and you get both competitions meaning a hell of a lot more.

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