UEFA Nations League


It’s just a different (and far simpler) way to decide the seeding for those qualifying groups, rather than the coefficient thing which nobody really understood and was dependent on stupid things like who you played friendlies against.

I think over time it’ll be a small improvement, but right now it feels a little weird. I think it would be easier to care about if it was at some time in 2019, but straight after a WC (and then straight after the next EURO) kind of kills any buzz it could have had. But then it needs to be at that time to determine the qualifying groups :confused:


The Nations League is just to decide the qualification ranking.


1-0 to you :xhaka:


Not sure why @Bl1nk has a problem with Holland’s group to be honest. It’s as if he doesn’t think Ryan Babel is on a par with Mbappe.


Second win in a row for Ukraine. 1-0 FT against Slovakia.


C’mon Wales now! Sorry @Cristo and @LordBendtner :mustafi:


Ramsey so off the bar here lol.


Ampadu is 17 and has played like 10 minutes of PL football and he had the Ireland midfield in his pocket the other night. Wonder if he’ll be just as good today.

Not gonna lie, had no idea that he could play for Wales until he rocked up last week. That’s the thing with this Nations League, they are competitive matches so no one else can tempt him away now. I think Ampadu is going to be quality, but England have already lost out on him. Could have played for Ireland too.


Pretty sure I just heard the crowd singing “Ryan Giggs, he shags who he wants!” :rofl:


Macedonia up against Armenia.

That was some ball from Ramsey to Bale.


Fuck u man !


Galles looking the better side atm. Some interesting balls in the box from them.
Oh! That would have been a great volley from Delaney!
Fucking scum! 1-0 Denmark thanks to Eriksen.


Swallow it suckersss !


Kong Christian stod ved høje mast !


In english please!

Oh what a save! Denmark close to the 2-0!


Great ball in from Bale to Davies. Just can’t connect to it.
1-0 Denmark at HT. Wales didn’t do that bad, but Denmark is better technically. Meanwhile, Macedonia wins, while Georgia and Bulgaria draw.


Galles looks more keen now. Putting pressure on Denmark.
Chance for Rambo.


Ramsey is dead food fam. Hes done in dis business bluud.


Haters gonna hate.


And lovers gonna love