UEFA Nations League


We really lack a degree of creativity when going forward. Although it looks as if we should’ve got a draw at the end there. Goalkeepers get way too much protection


Welé was fucking robbed! DDG dropped a clanger and the ref saved him. Pathetic officiating.


Why not admitting you just got battered by a better side? #itscominghome :welbeck:


Have to be in it to win it :henry2:


Your desperate attempts to get a bite are quite funny to watch.


I just got a bit of revenge after all the shit the english media said about winning the WC.




:wink: Try harder mate :wink:


I really don’t think you did :joy:


Feel so bad for Luke Shaw.

Another promising career of an English talent ruined.


:arteta::arteta: holy smokes in a fucking baloney Hahahahahahahahahaha. Im dying this is too good yeesssssss hahaha !


Sorry @Bl1nk, you are getting destroyed today.


Did you not say the same about Poland? :mustafi:


The Nation League is a big joke. What kind of draw is France, Germany & Holland? Biggest mismatch ever. Bet that bald cunt came up with it.

We won’t learn anything from the games, maybe get a lucky win or draw in one of the home matches but who cares. Waste of time.

Prefer the old qualification groups.


They’ll still exist in the Euro 2020 qualifying.


They start in March 2019!


Guess I still don’t get the new rules


You’ll be happier in the next nation’s league after relagtion when you end up in a group with Ireland and Greece :grinning:


The Nations league is a much needed change for the smaller teams, gives them a far more competitive dynamic and really makes the games more watchable. I can understand it’s probably frustrating for the big teams who are shit like England and Holland but like Shammy says at least it’s only a temporary problem.


It’s definitely something that the likes of minions like Scotland should be grateful for. The Nations League is their best chance of qualifying for a major tournament for the first time in 396 years!


Not exactly.

It’s the shit nations that we actually have a problem with!

Lost count of how many times they’ve worked incredibly hard to get themselves a point against a Giant like Germany or France, to then throw it all away in a shite 1-0 loss to some Warsaw Pact nation.