UEFA Nations League


Is Ramos getting booed solely by Liverpool fans or just because he’s a complete wanker?


Truly hope we see some quintessential Sergio Ramos antics :arteta:


Shaw getting owned for the goal.


Friendly or no friendly it’s a guarantee :grin:

Also forgot Enrique was the Spain coach now. Seems a lifetime ago when we were linked with him…


Greece up against Estonia.


It is odd that Ramos is getting booed. I know he’s a bit of a shithouse, but he’s an entertaining shithouse – especially when winding up rival fans, he should be getting a standing ovation! Unless the majority of the crowd are Liverpool fans… Actually, i wouldn’t put it past that lot to buy up all the tickets purely to boo Ramos. They’re pathetic like that.


Klaim claiming a penalty. No chance.
Alli still a ghost for England.


Our final ball is so poor


Trippier is a sneaky dwarf.


GET IN! England being showed by a better team!


Shocking defending there. Neville is blaming Henderson and I’m happy to do do the same :grin: the ball went right through us!


What a save from De Gea!


Fuck I thought Rashford had scored that one!


Luxembourg scores.


Jaaaa Luxembourg!!



Shaw with a really nasty foul on Carvajal.
Spain, Luxembourg and Greece up at HT.


Wow. Luxembourg 1-0 up, their opponents are really getting Moldova.



Ouch! It looks terrible!


Feel for Luke Shaw. He’s been through enough already!


Spain completely dominating.
Is Alli even a good player? He is just shit.
2-0 Luxembourg

Shaw is ok. He has just phoned his family.
Rashford straight at De Gea.

4-0 Luxembourg

9 minutes added on.
Danny boy had it disallowed! :welbeck:
2-1 Spain FT. We have seen England’s WC was just a fluke. First stern test and they got completely outplayed. Luxembourg and Greece win as well.