UEFA Nations League


Gomez has had a really good start to the season to be fair, so that’s pretty deserved.


4 games against cannon fodder is hardly a start, let alone a promo.


She is english. Understand her :wink: :smile:


Cant get over the DM article claiming the Gomez/VVD was on par with premier league greats after 1 game against West ham at home 1 game ! :arteta:


No one calls him that. What does it even mean?!

Its mouthbreather :wink:


Klaim=claiming every goal

Wake up, you scottish :xhaka:


The Scousers have a lot of friends in the media. Fuck them and their robbing houses style!


What in the blue hell is this


Looks distorted?


No one would get that Luca haha. Don’t get triggered :wink:


Gomez is class. Wish we had him.


Harry Kane really did bring the golden boot home :heart_eyes: it was a long wait since 1986


That Spain lineup looks pretty meh


They’re proper disrespecting us!

We’ll show them :hipster:


Showing the Golden Boot before the game lol!


You still look average, tbh.




Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk! Great counter, tbh. Rashford.


Shocking defending from Nacho but a great ball nonetheless

Saul straight away! 1-1