UEFA Nations League


To beat you too? :henry2:


Probably atm :santi:


We are struggling so much to create.
Oh Chiesa wins a penalty! Very very good player!
Yes! 1-1!

1-1 FT. Could have been worse, but this team is just poor.

Final results:

League B group 2:

Turchia-Russia 1-2.

League C group 1:

Albania-Israele 1-0.

League C group 4:

Romania-Montenegro 0-0.
Lituania-Serbia 0-1.

League D group 3:

Far Oer-Malta 3-1.


You can thank my mate Chiesa for that draw, he changed the game :blush: You’d have lost for sure without him.


I know. He is our best player by miles. Crazy he is not starting.


Yeah, he’s in such good form. He’s still only 20 though, so give it time. He’ll have a big part to play in the Euros and World Cup – if you actually manage to qualify :wink:


Sneaky britton. What about the WC? You finally won it.


Answer me Jade @Phoebica :wink: :xhaka: ahahah :grinning:


Yes England did win the World cup, 1966 :unai:


Let’s see if the WC was just a fluke or England has finally stepped up :unai:


It wasn’t a fluke in so much as it was a favourable draw. Most England teams, from any era, would have reached the semi finals of this year. I dare say the teams of 2002, 1990 and 1998 would have gone one step further.

For me, personally, the crux game was the 3rd/4th place play off. By all intents and purposes a nothing game. However, the Belgians fielded a strong side. England had a chance to prove they weren’t just a flash in the pan.


Northern Ireland-Bosnia 1-2 FT.

1-0 Bosnia

2-0 Bosnia

2-1 Northern Ireland


Xhaka captain for Switzerland.
Finland and Belarus up.

1-0 Finland

Switzerland up! Golazo!

Good chance for Iceland now. Nice save from Sommer.
Zakaria. 2-0 to the swiss. Too easy for them.

2-0 Belarus as well.
Iceland looks really compared with the last years. Their fairytale is comind to and end.
Switzerland, Belarus and Finland up at HT.
Xhaka looking because no one is pressing him.


What a free kick from Shaqiri! 3-0!

Disallowed goal for Switzerland. Iceland is a mess.


Fuck all this shit. Let’s get back to the PL.


5-0 Switzerland.

4-0 Switzerland

5-0 Switzerland

Belarus scores the third.

6-0 lol! Iceland getting thrashed.

Belarus destroying San Marino as well. 4-0 now.
5-0! Some thrashings today!
Big wins for Switzerland and Belarus. Finland wins as well.


Klaim :gabriel:
Alli :gabriel:
Henderson :gabriel:

Still a shit looking team.



Luca stop trying to make this nickname work haha


Christ! I can’t even make a mockery of him :xhaka:.

Dear spurs fan, put me on ignore, then. @LordBendtner agrees with me in hating fucking Klaim!


Gomez? What the F is a Gomez? Very bland looking English team. Hope they will get a good bollocking.