UEFA Nations League


Iunno. Maybe their coach is crap. :neutral_face:


League B group 1 :

Czech Republic-Ukraine 1-1. Really nice move!

League B group 4 :

Wales-Ireland 4-0.

4-1 now.

League C group 3 :

Slovenia-Bulgaria 1-2.

Double chance in the game. First Neuer saves on Mbappè, then Areola on Reus.
Mbappè :giroud2:. Such a god on counter!
Hummels in “god move” upfront with a fantastic run upfront! Fantastic save by Areola.
Germany dominating now.
France on the verge of conceding. They deserve to go down.


Final results:

League A group 1:

Germany-France 0-0.

League B group 1:

Czech Repubblic-Ukraine 1-2.

League B group 4:

Wales-Ireland 4-1.

League C group 3:

Slovenia-Bulgaria 1-2.
Norway-Cyprus 2-0.

League D group 4:

Gibraltar-Macedonia 0-2.
Latvia-Andorra 0-0


C’mon Italy! Poland is nothing special so we can beat the today.


I really do not like this person.


Has to be a joke surely :arteta:


This is like an actual trophy for him :joy:


kylian mbappe getting golden boots i can understand but Harry fucking kane, give me a fucking break already why are people blowing smoke up his arse.


Because he’s English and doesn’t have tattoos, so he’s basically every housewife’s dream.


But he looks like a squirrel that has his nut stuck in his throat and is too dumb to know what to do about it.


God, we are truly damn awful. This team will not qualify to the European Championship.

The other results:

League B group 2:

Turkey-Russia 1-1.

1-0 Russia

1-1 Turkey

League C group 1:

Albania-Israel 0-0.

League C group 4:

Lituania-Serbia 0-1.

1-0 Serbia

Romania-Montenegro 0-0.

League D group 3:

Azerbaijan - Kosovo 0-0.
Far Oer-Malta 2-1.

1-0 Far Oer

2-0 Far Oer


Awwww Luca thanks mate @Calum and I appreciate the solidarity.




Can’t wait for FUCKING SCOTLAND!!! :xhaka:


Oh Lewa! Great save from Donnarumma!


We would beat you. Revenge for cheating us out of Euro 2008!!!


Difficult to know who would win between two very shit teams :wink:


Looking better now. C’mon!


Haha we can’t defend. Reminds me of a club from London :thinking:


2-1 Russia

3-1 Far Oer and 1-0 Albania.

We have already run out of fuel lol!
Balotelli off for Belotti.