UEFA Nations League


Shit. :sweat_smile:




gonna blame ozil, its all his fault


Hahahahaha absolutely embarrassing from Armenia losing to someone that’s 0-0-22 scored 5 Conceded 107. As for the Germans it’s gone all wrong for them when 12 months ago lots of pundits would have predicted back to back World Cup triumphs.


What Germany miss is Per


Why do we not have Mertesacker smiley?


We can officially get relegated today. What a shame! Becoming a wee nation :facepalm: :xhaka:




So much talent though, it has to come out eventually.


what do you mean relegated, do you mean drop from one of those tier groups to a lower one?


To the Nations League B. It would mean a more difficult qualification group.


That’s a bollock. We don’t have any good youngster, apart from Chiesa and Bernardeschi.


no faith in locatelli, calabria, cutrone, donnarumma or mandragora etc? I thought you guys had some good kids coming up


Absolutely not. I have yet to see them being constant with their performances with Italy.


Romania-Serbia 0-0 at HT.
0-0 FT.


Kosovo already up against Far Oer. Great strike!

Russia up as well.

1-0 Malta

Results at HT:

League B group 2:

Russia-Turkey 1-0

League D group 3:

Azerbaijan-Malta 0-1
Far Oer-Kosovo 0-1


2-0 Russia

1-1 Azerbaijan

1-1 Far Oer

Final results :

League B group 2 :

Russia-Turkey 2-0

League D group 3 :

Azerbaijan-Malta 1-1
Far Oer-Kosovo 1-1


Great start! Jorginho hits the bar!
Another good chance for Insigne. We are playing well.

1-0 Israel and 1-0 Montenegro

1-0 Israel

1-0 Montenegro

Nasty from Jorginho on Zielinski. Deserved the yellow.
We are dominating, but we can’t score to save our lives.
Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk! Another bar!
Another chance :xhaka:

2-0 Montenegro

Szczesny keeping Poland in the game.
Super fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Another great save from Szczesny.

3-0 Montenegro

Results at HT :

League A group 3 :

Poland-Italy 0-0

League C group 1 :

Israel-Albania 1-0

League C group 4:

Lithuania-Montenegro 0-3


Yeah, he’s been great. He’s grown so much over the last couple of years. His concentration especially has improved massively!


Donnarumma FFS!
Offside so it is disallowed.
We could play until midnight and still not score.
Lol! Lucky not to concede here.

2-0 Israel and 4-0 Montenegro

2-0 Israel

4-0 Montenegro

Thanks god! Biraghi!

4-1 Lithuania


Well you just scored.