UEFA Nations League


4 times WC :mustafi:. Even won it in Germany, the best thing against the cocky germans @Persona


hah I don’t hate Italy tho you always think banter means hating :wink:



C’mon Israel! Fuck Scotland, wee nation.


Piatek and Lewandowski upfront for Poland, while Portugal play with Silva-Silva-Silva upfront lol!

Romania up against Lithuania.

Piatek again! He just can’t stop scoring atm. Serbia also up.

1-0 Piatek

1-0 Serbia

Scotland scores thanks to a penalty :xhaka:

Didn’t think it could have been in this way, but Poland-Portugal is a nice game.
Azerbaijan and Kosovo take the lead.

1-0 Kosovo

1-0 Azerbaijan

Wow! Andrè Silva is a completely different player this season. He has just equalized.

Nice goal from Rafa. 2-1 Portugal.

Results at HT:

League A group 3:

Poland-Portugal 1-1.

League C group 4:

Montenegro-Serbia 0-1
Lithuania-Romania 0-1

League D group 3:

Far Oer-Azerbaijan 0-1
Kosovo-Malta 1-0


Poland getting battered. 3-1 Portugal. Golazo!

1-1 Malta and 1-1 Israel.

1-1 Malta. What a header!

1-1 Israel. Such a lovely move.

Kosovo take the lead again.

2-0 Azerbaijan

Poland is so fucking overrated, while Portugal is showing to be a good team even without CR7.
Poland pulls one back, but the goal shouldn’t stand because went off the field. 2-1 Israel as well.

2-3 Poland

2-1 Israel

3-1 Kosovo

Renato Sanchez misses the 4-2.

3-0 Azerbaijan, 2-0 Serbia and 1-1 Lithuania.

3-0 Azerbaijan

2-0 Serbia

1-1 Lithuania

Romania up again!

Final results: :

League A group 3 :

Poland-Portugal 2-3.

League C group 4 :

Montenegro-Serbia 0-2
Lithuania-Romania 1-2

League D group 3 :

Far Oer-Azerbaijan 0-3
Kosovo-Malta 3-1

@Electrifying and @Calum yes! Scotland lol ahahha! :mustafi:




:giroud2: Scotland going home with us :giroud:


Is Poland really rated highly by anyone other than the rankings though ?


Russia-Sweden 0-0 FT. Must have been a fantastic game :xhaka:


:xhaka: :facepalm:


Sorry guys, but you just can’t qualify to a big tournament :poldi:


C’mon Croatia! Relegate England!


Dier-Henderson-Barkley in the middle. Dear god! :gabriel:


This is the start of an exciting period for English football i’ll have you know :hipster:


Exciting for the others :poldi:


It’s quite eerie playing in an empty stadium. Though I could certainly get used to not having to listen to that darn band!


Results at HT:

League A group 2:

Belgium-Switzerland 0-0

League A gruppo 4:

Croatia-England 0-0

League B group 3:

Austria-Northern Ireland 0-0

League C group 2:

Estonia-Finland 0-0
Greece-Hungary 0-0

League D group 2:

Belarus-Luxembourg 1-0

Moldova-San Marino 1-0


The last time you played Croatia it was a fantastic night for me. I was in Spain on holiday surrounded by english fans. Their face after the final whistle :giroud2:


Kane hits the bar with a great header.
England having many chances atm.