UEFA Nations League


The League B is gonna be great with Italy, England, Scotland and Holland.


England don’t deserve to be in the same bracket as the other three football powerhouses :sunglasses:


Is it 4 games in the group ? Play the other 2 sides home and away ?




Spain-Croatia is gonna be great today.


You mean the international break is still going on?! When does it finish :joy:


Yeah, World Cup semi finalists don’t deserve to be in the same bracket as 3 teams who didn’t even qualify for the competition :sunglasses:

England are gonna be the Abel Taarabt of the Nations League. Tearing it up in the Championship, but not good enough against the big boys. We’ll be up and down like a yo-yo.




Nice game between Spain and Croatia.
Meanwhile, Luxembourg and Finland up, while Greece draw.

1-0 Luxembourg

1-0 Finland

1-0 Hungary

1-1 Greece

Saullll! What a move and what a header!

Quick 1-2 Belgium.

1-0 Belgium

2-0 Belgium

Asensio golazooooooooooooooo!

Asensio on fire! 3-0!!! Spain looks back to their best! @will24

Hungary up again.

2-0 Luxembourg

Belgium, Spain, Finland, Hungary and Luxembourg up at HT. All the others draw.


Spain running riot


Spain running riot. 4-0 Rodrigo.

3-0 Luxembourg.

5-0 Spain lol! And to think Croatia was runner-up in Russia.


Vida looks like a poor defender tonight…


It’s early days, but i’m going to go out on a limb and say that Spain are going to win league A, group 4.

Nothing new there. Thank God we never signed him!


I have always been doubtful about Luis Enrique, but he is doing a great job with Spain atm.
6-0! Fuck me! Croatia literally thrashed.


Spain going to town in games that aren’t a major tournament, that must be frustrating for them as they did this in the lead up to the world cup and then flopped.


Important lead for Bosnia against Austria. WC strike.

3-0 Belgium


Lovren doesn’t play and Croatia get smashed. Coincidence? I think not.



Currently watching the end of Moldova vs Belarus. What international breaks are all about


Final results :

League A group B :

Iceland-Belgium 0-3.

League A group D :

Spain-Croatia 6-0.

League B group C :

Bosnia-Austria 1-0.

League C group B :

Hungary-Greece 2-1.
Finland-Estonia 1-0.

League D group B :

Moldavia-Belarus 0-0.
San Marino-Luxembourg 0-3.


FFS Sverige!!!