UEFA Nations League



I feel like a proud parent :smile:


Very good team. The potential is there. Minus Zaza…


C’mon Scotland!!


Doing quite well atm, as we are not risking too much.
Meanwhile, Malta up against Azerbaijan.

Getting a bit outplayed now.
WTF the fuck are you doing Zaza? Just shoot FFS!
Christ! Off the line for Portugal!
1-1 Azerbaijan and 1-0 Serbia

1-1 Azerbaijan

1-0 Serbia

Seriously, are we drunk? Cristante hits the ball straight at the bar :rofl:
Quick 1-2 Montenegro and Sweden takes the lead.

1-0 Montenegro

2-0 Montenegro

1-0 Sweden

0-0 at HT. The only good thing is the results because the performance was comical. We can’t fucking score to save our lives.
Sweden, Montenegro and Serbia up, while Scotland, Malta, Far Oer and Andorra draw.


Getting relegated for sure. 1-0 Portugal.

2-1 Sweden, 2-0 Kosovo, 1-1 Romania and 1-0 Scotland.

2-0 Sweden

2-1 Turkey

1-1 Romania

1-0 Scotland

1-0 Kosovo

2-0 Kosovo


We are winning. :sunglasses:


You are better than us :santi:


Berardi on for Immobile.
Serbia up again.

2-0 Scotland!

2-2 Romania! They are not giving up!

1-0 Kazakhstan


2-0!! Not a good night for Pannuci :mustafi:


Who cares if you hate us. Tool.


Luca I don’t hate Italy lol. Just having banter about Pannuci with both his team’s losing :wink:


Beating an Eastern European team.

Tears in my eyes :laca:


No reaction in this second half. Deserve to be at least 3-0 down.
1-1 Andorra.

It it wasn’t for Donnarumma, we would get destroyed badly. Sad times.

2-2 Turkey

What a comeback from Turkey! 3-2 now!


Deserved defeat. This team deserves to play in the League D.

Final results:

League A group C:

Portugal-Italy 1-0.

League B group B:

Sweden-Turkey 2-3.

League C group A:

Scotland-Albania 2-0.

League C group D:

Serbia-Romania 2-2.
Montenegro-Lituania 2-0.

League D group A:

Andorra-Kazakhstan 1-1.

League D group C:

Kosovo-Far Oer 2-0.
Malta-Azerbaijan 1-1.


Relegation then. :xhaka:


Finally :wink:


How many teams get relegated? 1 from each group? If so, we’ll be joining you @Luca_from_Italy :+1:


Yep, at least England is getting relegated along with us :smile:

Yep 1 from each group.


Italy and England getting relegated while the mighty Scotland are getting promoted #levels


@Bl1nk will be joining us too :smile: