UEFA Nations League



To be fair it has been coming


GET IN! Babel! :cech: LOLLLLLLLL!


Almost 2-1 to Holland! WTF!?


Griezmann having a shocker tonight


Holland bottling chances after chances to score the 2-1!




GOLAZO!!! WOW! Just when Holland was starting to dominate.


1-1 Cyprus e 2-0 Liechtenstein.


Oh sweet prince.

A beautiful goal from a beautiful man


Franco Varesi doing a Mustafi there I see.



Oh Jade! I see you here :xhaka:. I wonder why :arteta:


Holland close to the 2-2. They deserve the draw in this second half.




2-1 France FT. Holland did really well in the end, considering how poor they are atm. Cyprus and Liechtenstein win as well.


Babel going full Dennis Rodman with the hair


Please Mancini, play Chiesa and Belotti today if you stand a chance to qualify.


Another draw I think


Lol. Story of being a Dutch football team. Frenkie De Jong gives hope for our future, but we really need more.

Unless we get two great teams in the qualifiying poule we should make Euro 2020 tbh,


Didn’t know Panuci was the manager of Albania?! @Electrifying hope we hammer them tonight for revenge against him!!!


Balotelli has been dropped. Finally! Time for the players who love our shirt to prove their worth.