UEFA Nations League


FFS! Penalty to Denmark. 2-0 and game over.

1-0 Bulgaria

2-0 Macedonia and 1-0 Georgia.


Frenkie De Jong starts :pray:

@Luca_from_Italy watching the game?


Of course :wink:


Almost 3-0 to Denmark.
Denmark, Bulgaria, Georgia and Macedonia all win. France-Holland now.


Ryan Babel still plays for :netherlands:?!


Don’t get me started


I remember Babel being good on football games about 10 years ago. What’s he been doing for the past decade haha.


Mbappe show.

Again. :laca:


What a player he is. Deserved lead. Holland is such a nothing team these days.

Just a training for France. Too strong for Holland.


Will take quite some time before that changes, I’m afraid.

Funny thing is, we probably have better defenders now than we did in 2010 (Matthijsen, Heitinga) World Cup Final and 2014 (Vlaar, de Vrij) World Cup semi. But midfield and attack very average.

Depay is our striker :arteta:


So how is the UEFA league of nations working at this early stage ? I suppose for the most part they are trying to pair up teams on similar levels of ability which can only be a positive.


Mbappè is just toying with Holland :arteta:
Liechtenstein up against Gibraltar.


I like it so far. Adds a reason to watch international games and teams seem to be buying into it.

Early days though.

It’s good that teams are matched up to their level.

Anyways, another awesome header link up play by Giroud :arteta:


Just checked which other matches are live on TV here.

Liechtenstein - Gibraltar
Cyprus - Slovenia



Liechtenstein and France up, while Cyprus draw.


Griezmann booked.


Some positive signs from us. Decent on the ball. Just lacking quality up front.


France is not pushing hard, tbh. Just controlling it.


Slovenia up against Cyprus.


Chance! Wijnaldum.