U21 Euro Championships 2017


I think its less the team, rather their ref.


Germany wins! Well-deserved win. This is a fucking great youth.


Who were the top performers today? @CunningLinguist?

Anyone exciting?


Stark and Weiser.


How was Bellerin’s tournament ?


Average, tbh. He had good and bad moments.


Only Arnold, who I thought was really good for the entire tournament. The rest is bang average, but at least turned up today. The good under 21 players are at the Confed Cup or on holidays and there are only a few from this bunch (Arnold, Gnabry, Dahoud, Amiri, maybe Weiser and Öztunali) who have at least the potential to become regular NT players. They will have to improve drastically though, otherwise they won’t be more than role players.
Serge had some good scenes, but some catastrophic ones as well and if this is Spain’s “golden generation”, they are not going to win much in the coming years. Really thought we’d get a proper hiding today, but Spain were just absolutely awful.


Thanks for the response. Much appreciated. Arnold as in Maximillion? Or have i got that way wrong.




The super villain?