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When talking about Uighurs I said the Chinese would scoff at the notion of being lectured by the West on the treatment of Muslims. I feel like this exact kind of thing was cited as something that separates the Chinese state from ours, cos we’d never do things like medical procedures without consent in the West.

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Oh boy, we (the collective UK) have so much to be humble about in our past and present (our intended breach of the Good Friday Agreement for example).

However, I think whenever we arrive at a situation where a nation maintains anything that satisfies the definition of a “Concentration Camp” then international condemnation should be swift and without any apology for any perception of hypocrisy.

You’re talking about Guantanamo Bay, right? :pires2:

Using an official White House phone call to both campaign for himself and perpetuate a nasty anti-Semitic conspiracy theory. I hope he lives long enough to lose everything and go to prison. Fuck. This. Guy.

More on Trump’s ethnic cleansing:

Hes a fucking dickhead, and on other side “Well I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

Id would pay like a sizeable junk of money for a pay per view between Trump and Biden. It would be the stupidest thing ever, so annoying Biden won’t take it.

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Yeah, Biden has made some absolutely shocking statements, that’s not the only one either.

Plus he’s a fucking creep who likes sniffing kids hair.

Fuck me, we like to complain about politics in our country, but at least most of the time there’s something of a choice to be made between distinct parties and candidates. Imagine choosing which rapey racist it is you want to lead your country.

Proper Kang and Kodos in The Simpsons moment.


The bigger issue for me is the crew of racists and fascists who surround the support Trump. I’m not really enthusiastic about Biden but I’m absolutely voting for him. The more Trump flirts with extreme racist positions the more emboldened racists become. The guy who shot up the synagogue in Pittsburgh was allegedly inspired in part by some of Trump’s own rhetoric so I see my vote for Biden in part as a vote for my, and my family’s safety. It’s not going to fix everything but it’s way better than the alternative.


I get that, it’s a fair position.

If I could bring myself to vote for one of them, it wouldn’t be that hard for me to choose which one it would be.

Good lord, you’d have to hold your nose though, seriously. I’d feel grubby doing it lol.

In addition to that stuff, Joe Biden doesn’t seem like he has all of his mental faculties/cognitive abilities any more, that’s got to be a concern right?! Lelele neither does Trump amirite, but at least he’s always been that way and it’s not a case of severe decline lol

I don’t think I could vote for either of them.


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Why are people ignoring this? Why isn’t a bigger deal being made in the media? Say what you like about Trump but he clearly puts himself out there for better or worse, he recently did ABC town hall taking pretty hostile questions over an hour, His performance was negatively received but he got credit for being out there.

There’s a clear contrast here. It’s clear Biden isn’t putting himself out there because the extent of the cognitive abilities will be revealed. Is that not disturbing?


I pretty sure Richard Spencer said he is supporting the democrats :rofl:

Well people did vote for Obama and it’s not secret he was a democrat lol

Yeah I don’t follow the media, particularly US, enough to know if its being ignored or why. Purely anecdotal evidence based on friends and family, OA and maymays, but I feel like it’s something people are pretty aware of. As I say, purely anecdotal, so not arguing with you.

The why I think is quite straightforward, it’s because of vested interests. Many media outlets don’t want to highlight it because they want there to be a viable challenger to Trump, and ensuring electoral viability means not making more people aware of the state Biden is in.

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To add it’s probably due to the Biden campaign’s strategy of keeping Biden out of view so that media continues to focus on Trumps many deficiencies. So far it’s been a successful strategy.


You have no issues with a candidate for President not subjecting himself and polices to real non democratic affiliated media scrutiny?

It’s no surprise confidence/trust in media is at all time lows.

Other than highly controlled interviews and teleprompter read statements Biden hasn’t put himself out there. I remember Boris doing similar in GE2019 and he was universally panned.

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Not only that when Biden does a presser it is so controlled to give an easy ride, it takes balls to criticise a peace treaty in the Middle East as a bad thing.

What other stuff do you want Biden doing that he isn’t, debates?

Didn’t Nancy polosie advocate for not having any debates?

Also what is his position other than not being trump?