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Doesn’t mean much it just means that there are 300 security professionals that don’t like trump. Bet there 300 that don’t support impeachment. At the moment you are looking for things to reenforce your already held beliefs. We have been there before with the muller report are you not in the least bit apprehensive? Or has your in my opinion irrational dislike for trump just taken over? At the end of the day we just have to wait and see. If I’m wrong I’m wrong but so far when it comes to the whole trump thing I have not. I called his nomination, his election, muller report and now I’m going to call this and say he won’t be impeached and it’s going to be a huge blow to the dems. It’s reminiscent to when cons tried to impeach Clinton it did not work and backfired. This will help trump get another 4 years

I’m surprised you managed to type so effectively with one hand occupied wanking yourself off over just how right you’ve been.

No, the DNC will do that all by themselves, regardless of any impeachment (which I agree will fall flat on it’s face). Pelosi and Schumer will push and manipulate proceedings so that Biden is their nominee, and then Trump will crush him in 2020.

And it felt like heaven :kissing_heart::xhaka2:

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No it means there are 300 National Security Professionals believe that he:

“leveraged the authority and resources of the highest office in the land to invite additional foreign interference into our democratic processes. That would constitute an unconscionable abuse of power. It also would represent an effort to subordinate America’s national interests—and those of our
closest allies and partners—to the President’s personal political interest.”

Also you’re wrong Clinton was impeached, he wasn’t convicted. In no way did it backfire though. That like this will mean the President and congress will be focused on the impeachment. It will be humiliating for Trump as every fine detail will be uncovered and he will be the third president in history to be impeached. It just depends how damning the impeachment is to Trump. I just wish I put money on it earlier.

BTW you don’t actually understand what Impeachment is and how it works if you don’t think will go through.

I bet they said that word-for-word in their statements lol

So it’s now emerged that not just the calls from Ukraine were hid on a seperate server. They’ve also hidden calls from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico and Australia.

:giroud3: cnn and tyt then sorry I was mistaken it has to be right because those two outlets are not partisan at all. I do know how an impeachment works and there is nothing to see here, but corruption on Biden’s part

Trump is some guy man :arteta:

I’ve been laughing at ‘weve all done it’ for a good 5 mins :arteta:

Yo, Orange doofus, you didn’t help in Vietnam.

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@ryaninho your boy done good this time fair play :xhaka2:


I will celebrate with dance of happiness and joy :gunnersaurus:

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Also… Trump’s plan to clear up this US diplomat-Brit teen death situation was to have the parents meet the killer. Yeeeeeeeeeeah, no.


I seriously don’t understand how this US diplomat’s wife is above the law all of a sudden :man_shrugging:

It’s like Lethal Weapon 2 all over again

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Diplomats have immunity and their families are covered under that too. Whole thing is messed up.

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I thought that Trump letter was a parody at first, that’s ridiculous.

Don’t be a fool Erdogan! We can make a deal, a really great deal. I’ll call you later


If you keep firing your staff, you will not have anyone to proofread your shit. That letter is just so childish.