Trump Watch


Trump makes me laugh :joy::joy:

Genuinely conflicted here. I find his Twitter usage refreshing yet idiotic at the same time.

Can’t tell if it’s brilliant way to engage or just plain stupid


This fucking guy :joy::joy:


It’s interesting how much rights trans people have over the average person; of trans was normal they wouldn’t need so many protections, and some of those protection a just ridiculous. People shouldn’t have special rights and privileges over others.


Which rights do they have that others don’t?


If it was normal? A lot of things are normal today that weren’t a few years ago.


All of those that were listed and rescinded. Seriously one anti discrimination law that covers everyone is fine.

At the end of the day they want to be treated like everyone else; then why are they calling for extra protection?

Plus a mental disorder should not be considered normal, but if you want to live that way fine; don’t expect everyone to treat as if it were normal.


The ignorance is strong in this one.


Being gay was a “mental disorder” 30 years ago. Black people were considered less intellectual than white people. You serious?!


I was disorder and now activist are trying to say it’s not; I don’t care what you say it is what it is.

Especially when research already shows that 88-90% of boys and 83% of girls grow out of that when you let them be.


Well it’s not a mental disorder and you’re just fucking ignorant if you think that. This isn’t the 1950s ffs.

Please explain how having those rights = more rights than others.



Oh please that everyone goes to; being black being gay.

Actually it has been banned in America to treat homosexuality as disorder, and you aren’t allowed to help people that want to change the lifestyle.

Go figure.


It is a mental disorder transsexual transgender, body Dysphoria were all classed that way.


As if you’ve read fucking research on this. :joy:



Yes I have actually. That guy that did the research was shut down; the truth is there.



Transitioning doesn’t help at all; they suicide rate is still freaking high


Yeah it’s been banned because it isn’t a mental disorder. Go figure.
Damn I’ve read a lot of ignorant bs here but this takes it to a higher level.


The accepting nature of people like you definitely helps with that