Trump Watch


Oh come on.
I don’t remember Trump assassinating his opponents.


Who knows?
But he is pretty good at assaulting women and making sure that guns are available in the local supermarket.


He is so fickle he actually went anti gun recently :joy:


Fair enough :grinning:


Imagine Trump of all people being the person to implement gun control.


That’s because Trump doesn’t really stand for anything other than his own grandiosity. It makes pivoting very easy.


A keyboard warrior? Are you daft?

He is doing serious long term damage to my country and the world. Sinking us further in debt to make his already very rich friends even wealthier. He’s rolled back climate change policy 40 years which effects every human on this planet. Undoing the slight gains we’ve made in healthcare policy. Sold the internet here to the highest bidder. Rolled back gay and transgender rights… The list goes on and on.


That’s the whole entertaining part though :joy:


Which rights are those?


Tbf those measures are the bare minimum you’d expect to be done on the issue to calm the public.


Yeah I’d like a link on that to read as well.

The healthcare thing it’s arguable. Obamacare was not the answer, not even close.


He is either doing or attempting to do things that potentially could threaten the rights of LGBTQ people. His administration has evidently been anti-LGBTQ.

  • He’s trying to reinstate a ban on trans people serving the military.
  • He’s rescinded guidance put in place under Obama that gave trans students protection under federal civil rights laws.
  • Rescinded more Obama guidance that gave trans workers protection under civil rights laws.
  • Argued in favour of a bakery who were arguing that its their 1st amendment right to discriminate against same sex couples.


Bro being transgender is listed in the dm5 as a mental disorder why are people acting likes is normal. Plus the military agrees with him most transgender serve in the military as away to get them to pay for they surgery.


What is the dm5 bro?

And my point wasn’t to get into a discussion about whether or not being trans is a mental disorder, it was asked what he’s done to harm the rights of LGBTQ people and I was responding to that specifically.


Sorry dsm5 it’s a clynical psychology book that contains mental disorders. Trensgernderism and body disphoria are both classified under mental disorders


He means the DSM


I disagree with him taking away students rights and sex workers protection to me that is a shit thing to do


Only two of those I would consider harmful, the students/workers protection.


Serving in the military is a right, that can be given or taken away. He’s trying to take it away. Whether you think it is harmful to not be allowed to serve in the military is totally besides the point, its a right he’s trying to deny them and that was what’s under discussion.

I’d agree it isn’t “harmful”, when you think about the risk it poses to your safety its basically the opposite if harmful to prevent someone from joining the military,. I’m of the opinion that anyone stupid enough to want to serve in the military (obviously not talking about situations like WWII etc) should be allowed to.

But that isn’t the point here.

The point about the bakery and First Amendment, from the article I posted:

The case could have potentially enormous repercussions — opening a big loophole in anti-discrimination laws, particularly those that protect LGBTQ people, by letting business owners cite religious or moral justifications to discriminate.

If there gradually becomes an atmosphere in which there is less tolerance of gay or trans people you could see plenty of businesses decide they will refuse to serve these people. We’re not talking about just bakeries here, it could be pubs, restaurants, Internet service providers, phone companies, petrol stations, airlines, train companies, banks, insurance companies etc. Of course this may well not happen, but we once did hold horribly discriminatory views and practices towards LGBTQ people and I don’t have total faith in society to never go back to those days. Progress isn’t permanent or irreversible.

In legal systems the setting of precedence can be incredibly important, so this would be a serious matter simply because of the potential harm that could arise.

But on this point I will accept there is debate and what I’m saying could be viewed as being speculation, but I’m taking 3 out of 4 of the points I offered as being solid (obviously I’m leaning to 4/4 given what I’ve said).


I agree, but the ban on Trans recruits was a military decision, not a political one. That ban had been in place for a very long time, before Trump, before Obama. And on Jan 1st 2018, that ban was lifted after two courts adjudged it unconstitutional (because of Trump’s comments). Before then, they didn’t even have the right to be taken away in the first place. So now there is legal precedence, which will make it virtually impossible to reinstate the ban.

Now, for the first time in US history, openly trans recruits are signing up. So I would argue that Trump’s anti-Trans rhetoric is actually good for the LGBT community.

As for the Bakery issue, I agreed with the owners even though I disagreed with their theological argument.