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Israel investing in bulldozing Palestinian property and allowing settlers to settle on it has nothing to do with the rightful ownership of the West Bank. It’s annexation of sovereign land, much like Russia has been doing in recent times. The difference being at least Russia didn’t drive out the ethnic natives of the land.

As for the infrastructure argument, does that mean India doesn’t get it’s independence as Britain invested in infrastructure?

As for “Palestine to accept the Jewish state & live their lives being a citizen of Israel. live their lives being a citizen of Israel”, Israel will never allow non Israeli Palestinians Israeli citizenship.


That’s because all the settlements are built on genocide, illegal and against international law.


Trump’s face is a shithole, not the countries from where some people come from. A president who talks like a pub man. Smh…


Yes your ‘history’ is the bible, which is a shit source

Let’s look at the modern history, the Jews/Israelis were foreignors who invaded the land and forced it’s rightful owners off the land while persecuting them on mass, commiting a genocide, destroying their infrastructure and forcing them to live in poverty. The land change is as follows:

Did you know leaked Israeli papers show they calculate the amount of calories each Palestinian needs per day and them target less food is allowed through their borders so the people remain hungry? Do you know how many medicines they blcok?

But keep quoting the bible and Israeli Propoganda to justify a genocide


I am an Atheist and Indian.
I have never seen Bible in my life.

Judaism and Hinduism being oldest religion is common knowledge and So is Jews building Jerusalem.


Yet your still quoting the bible by assuming The Jews building Jerusalem and being the only people living there is historically accurate. It isn’t, it’s the bibles version of events. There were rival polytheistic religions, Greco-Roman and Zoroastrian peoples within the region.

Some Jews believe the Palestinian people to have descended from Jewish origins and to be the rightful people of the land. And DNA studies show that the people have similar ethnic make up compares to other peoples in the region.

Hinduism and Judaism aren’t the oldest religions’ or even necessarily oldest surviving religions. Zoroastrianism almost certainly pre-dates Judaism and possibly Hinduism.


If we go by history most of the Jews there are ashkanarzi coverts, because epthiopia has a longer Jewish history than they do which tells you all you need to know. 90% of the Jews in Israel have no semetic blood in them which is other indication of why this whole “it’s historically ours” is bs.


I am quoting History, not bible.


Diplomacy, the Trump way :joy:


Breaking news: Trump is fat. If he’s 239 I’m -50.



Does anyone really hate him?


It’s rumoured that a few people somewhere have taken a dislike to him, but no one is quite sure why.


You’re joking, right? :rofl:


I mean he is an idiot & I wouldn’t ever want him to be President again.

But If I have to list all the world leaders and rank them as per their cuntishness, Trump won’t even be Top 20.

He is just a keyboard warrior and I am entertained.
I can’t hate him for that.


How many people have they left his cabinet? 20?


He is a man full of hate and has admitted that if anyone dares to do anything to him that he doesn’t like, he will get them back far worse than what they have ever done to him.

He couldn’t care less about the people who voted for him unless they are useful to him or fund him.

He has got to where he has, not through hard work but because he had a rich father, and by bullying other people.

He is the most dangerous keyboard warrior in the world, with very limited intelligence who is also a psychopath that who is only interested in what’s best for him.

There is nothing entertaining about him.
He is as mad and power hungry as Putin and just as dangerous.
I think Americans should be more worried than entertained.


I’m entertained because every promise he made to his voting base he betrayed. Has proven to be just as bad as any other career politician including mr (drone strike start 7 wars) Obama. He says things how most of us see it can’t fault him for that


Please, speak for yourself


I have agreed with him on things, but off the top of my head I can’t even remember what they were. Such is the insanity of this administration.