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Oh okay. Lets fuck with lives of millions for a small piece of land because it has some fictional religious significance.
Forget 10 times bigger landmass surrounding Jerusalem; lets continue living in Misery & hostility because Jerusalem is important.
Lets all fuck our lives in the arse, because of some stupid book.

If I have to take side religiously & decide who deserves Jerusalem, Jews win it by a landslide.

Their religion Judaism came first. Islam is a copy of it.
They made Jerusalem their capital.
They made Mosque.
It was because of Babilon, Romans, Crusaders that Jewish lost Jerusalem to attackers.
Muslims came centuries later to rule the area.

Quran doesn’t mention Jerusalem anywhere or less compared to Judai bible. Jerusalem is much more of a birth right to Jews than anyone. Not Islam, Not Christianity, Judaism owns Jerusalem if we are going by religious significance.

All Muslims can claim is they massacred & forced Jews out of the area so they won Jerusalem.
Fair enough.
Not it is Jewish turn. They won 6 days war & rightly own Jerusalem & West Bank.

Palestine could have taken the West Bank & asked for UN to make Jerusalem a protected site for everyone; but no they want to continue this shit show.
This complete incorporation to make peace is exactly why they don’t deserve any of the land and should slowly wither away as decade go by.

Says a lot about respect towards a holy site when there is a desire to split it into East & West Jerusalem.
Sounds very respectful & holy.


I can’t lie mate, I would love to have this debate with you but I think you are very very ignorant on the subject. And I would suggest you do a hell of a lot more reading on it before trying to engage in it.


Fair enough. If you ever have free time, do forward any articles stating your side of argument.


You’re on the internet. You don’t need other people to do your research for you.


I have done my research though.
You think I made up history of Jews when I mentioned it? I made up Olmert’s plan?
I just made up the reality of Israeli settlements being made by expenditure of billions?

In this thread, I don’t see anyone providing as much facts as I have. All the responses seemed very much emotional.

It is always an easy escape to call someone ignorant & demand more research, when in actuality you lot seem to be short on arguments to counter.




You’re not providing facts. You’re spewing the same propaganda the far right Jewish press have been spewing for years.


Which part is propaganda though?

Is it not true that Judaism came long before Islam?

Your argument was as below

And I argued that Jews lived in Jerusalem before Mohammed was even born, before Jesus was born.

Are those not facts?


It certainly came before Muhammad, not Islam.


You are kidding me right?

Jesus was a Jew who formed Christianity. Islam was formed about 5-6 odd centuries after Jesus, when Mohammed learned the trick Jesus used to fool people.


This is such a gigantic subject that just watching Hollywood movies and remembering your high school text book doesn’t cut it.


You make it sound like a competition and the team with strongest army wins the prize, which is a piece of land.

I’m fairly sure just because someone wins a war it doesn’t make them more deserving than the loser.


Give me any parameters to judge who deserves it, Jews will win it.
Ownership - Founders of Jerusalem
Longevity - Lived through multiple seize. When exiled from the city, they lived in areas surrounding the Jerusalem
Oppression - Jews have been killed, massacred, shoved away, had to deal with Anti-Semitism, hatred like Hitler did; and they kept coming back for their holy land.

In fact, ownership through war is the claim by Muslims & Christians; not Jews.

Jerusalem was once West Jerusalem & East Jerusalem. Jordan ignored the treaty to allow provisions for Jews to visit the city. And then they attacked Israel.
You reap what you sow - was never as apt.


Which is now what they are doing to the Palestinians.

Yes, but not recently.


I know.
This is a good segment on small part of Israeli treatment of Palestinians

But if we are going to make emotional decisions, we will never arrive at the right solution or any sort of compromise.
Palestinians will point at their oppression, Jews will point at how the whole region wants their extinction.

There is never any solution where one of the two won’t feel vindicated.

That’s recency bias.
Just because Palestine’s suffering is more recent than Jewish; doesn’t mean Jewish are any less deserving.

If history were not the same and had Israel lost the war, all of them would have been massacred by Arabs.
Israel could have behaved the same. Dealt with Palestines the way Myanmar dealt with Rohinjas recently; but despite their human rights violation, they didn’t go that far.

Israel handed over sinai peninsula back to Egypt. Israel was willing to give West Bank to Palestine, like Gaza strip.
Israel in my opinion are doing their share of peace making; Palestines aren’t.


This is why I did not want to take up this topic because so many are so ill-informed about the situation and spout crap. 6 day war Israel struck first to say they were the victim is being just lazy to do research. The creation of Israel was on the back of ethnic cleansing but you hardly hear this stuff. Going to a peace deal with people telling what you are going to accept is not a deal. Do some research


This a vid that echoed what my Palestinian friend said her childhood was like


Like I said, Trion is very ill informed and that’s the issue with having the discussion with him.


Superb stuff and even more in the replies.